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23 Jul 2018

GDPR: Deletion of Data

In light of the General Data Protection Regulation, which was enforced on May 25th this year, we are now approaching the first three-month deadline for the deletion of personal data.

The first deletion of data will thus occur on August 25th, 2018. At this point in time, any of the below mentioned data that is more than three months old will automatically be deleted from iPaper’s servers. Going forward, three-month old data will be deleted on a daily basis.

why are we deleting data?

The GDPR aims to give control of personal data back to the citizens while harmonizing the data protection regulations throughout the EU. A major element of the GDPR is to protect the rights of the data subject, hereunder the right to be forgotten. The auto-deletion of data will ensure that no historical data is stored, leaving only the most recently submitted data in iPaper. 

why ipaper has no incentive to store your personal data permanently

iPaper has never been used or intended as a permanent storage location for personal data. Newsletter signups are forwarded to customers' marketing systems shortly after signing up. Shop orders are sent directly to customers' ERP systems or forwarded as emails to sales staff. Competition signups are exported to Excel on a weekly basis. As such, there is no reason for this data to stay in iPaper for longer than necessary.

what data are we deleting?

To ensure that no old data is left in iPaper accidentally, we will start automatically deleting any data that may contain personally identifiable information after a three-month period. This leaves ample time to export the data into your own systems while still keeping a backup in iPaper for three months.

Aggregated data will not be deleted. All statistics, visitor analytics, heatmaps, conversion rates, etc. will thus be stored forever. None of this data can be pinpointed to any individual person and is thus not in the scope of GDPR. So what will be deleted?

  • Pop-up conversions - E.g. the values submitted by the data subject. Conversion numbers & rates will still be stored.
  • Form submissions
  • Shop email checkouts - Statistics, flipbook & product-level revenue is still stored. The customer data attached to the order will be deleted after the three-month period.


If you have any questions about our auto-deletion policy, or any questions related to your specific usage, feel free to reach out.

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