Success Framework

5 stages that takes you from flat PDF to engaging digital shopping experience.

This framework will guide you to create measurable business results with digital catalogs.

Based on 18 years of experience, we've compiled 40 different tactics that will help you attract and inspire shoppers, while also capturing buying intent and converting to a sale.

One framework for everyone

Starting your digital catalog journey from scratch? Set yourself up for success by going through Prepare and Promote, as these apply to all digital catalogs.

In Automate, Engage, and Integrate, you’ll find tactics that save time, enhance engagement and boost conversions, which require a Commerce Plus plan or higher.

Adopt tactics to suit your business

Different companies have different business goals. Therefore, not every tactic should be implemented for every company.

Instead, identify the tactics that align with your goals for the digital catalog, and use the framework as a tool you can come back to, when needed, for advice and inspiration.

1. Prepare

You have your PDF in hand, and you want to transform it to a digital catalog. Now what?

You wouldn’t open a physical store before it’s ready: the decor needs to be on-brand, the products out on the shelves, and your checkouts properly set up.

The same applies to your digital catalog.

1. Prepare

2. Promote

Your digital catalog is fully prepared for success and published. Now what?

Ensuring the success of your digital catalog involves both visibility and engagement with your target audience.

The more you attract, the greater the potential for converting shoppers into customers for your business.

2. Promote

3. Automate

Your digital catalog, while time-consuming to create, is generating traffic and clicks. Now what?

Creating shoppability and interactivity can be very time-consuming.

But with automation processes, you can reduce hours of manual work to a single click and a few minutes.

3. Automate

4. Engage

Your digital catalog is now regularly published and automated with hundreds of shop icons or links. Now what?

The key to getting your shoppers’ attention lies in crafting an engaging experience.

Your digital catalog serves as the ideal platform for achieving this goal, provided you invest a bit of extra effort.

4. Engage

5. Integrate

Your digital catalog is fully automated, creates engagement and enhances the buying journey. Now what?

Your digital catalog is most likely a single channel within a larger marketing strategy, or business setup.

But by keeping your channels isolated from each other, you can miss out on vital opportunities.

5. Integrate