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23 May 2019

New shop configurations

Change notification: During June 2019, we will roll out a significant change to shop settings.

The way you modify your checkout flows will change for the better, read on for details.

Making shop settings great

Shop Settings

Here at iPaper, we have the fantastic ability to add products to a basket inside your Flipbooks and allow your readers to check out in several ways.

As of right now, the list of checkout options include:

All of these checkout options have multiple associated settings.

So, an iPaper shop setup can get a little complicated and may require assistance from us here in customer care. There are also other factors adding complexity: Each Flipbook can have multiple checkouts enabled, both as primary and secondary checkout options.


Now, each shop setting is enabled via a small switch on each of your checkout types in Settings → Modules → Shop.


Folder INHERITED shop settings

The shop settings exist on every single one of your Flipbooks. Currently, the only way to ensure consistency is to add your settings to a folder and thereby taking advantage of the inherited settings feature in iPaper.

Click here for an article on setting inheritance (it's worth a look)

In short, inherited settings will pass all flipbook settings from the parent folder or to the entire account.

Animation the concept of Inherited-Settings

The change: Make Shop settings great again

Due to the number of options, even when using inherited settings, the process of ensuring consistency across multiple folders, is often a cumbersome task.

We are now going to make shop settings great again by introducing Shop configurations.

Just like we do already with the following modules:

  • Archive
  • Attachment
  • Binder
  • Custom Link Import (Enrichment Automation)
  • Forms
  • FTP Monitor
  • News ticker

Where each module will show a list of saved configurations.

For example, when you want to create a new or edit one of your current Forms, you'll go to Modules and select Forms where you'll see a list of all your forms.

iPaper modules


Just like with forms, we are now moving all shop settings into individual shop configurations.

Every type of config will then be more accessible, easily editable, and simple to apply on your Flipbooks and folders.


The transition

If you are used to using iPapers shop settings daily, this will be a significant change, but we are here to help you, every step of the way.

Every unique set of Flipbook shop settings will be converted to a shop configuration.

So if every single one of your Flipbooks checkout process is set up in a slightly different way, you'll see an individual shop configuration for each of them.

Should you end up with a vast number of shop configurations, we will reach out to you and guide you toward clarity.

The conversion process will automatically name each new shop configuration after the folder or flipbook they were created from.

Most importantly, all current checkout flows will remain unchanged for your reader, only the means of adjusting will change :D

See a new shop configuration in action here:
See a new shop configuration in action here:

And it will be great!

Should you have any questions, thoughts, or challenges, then please be in touch...

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