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21 Jun 2018

Product Updates: Scrolling Behavior And Why It Matters To You

Update: We’re making changes to the scroll behavior for end-users.

Greetings lovely customers, it’s Valentin the UX designer. 

I’m here to tell you about some new changes we have in the pipeline for how users scroll in your online catalogs and brochures. 

It’s a small change, but it'll definitely improve the reading experience for users who aren't on touch devices. Check out the video for a quick demonstration.

What’s changed?

Today we have something we call, “Scroll to zoom." Alright, the name is not that important, so I’ll tell you how it works. 

When you scroll in a catalog you’ll zoom in on the area where the mouse is. Although that's good, we believe there's a better way we can use scroll to accommodate users' needs.


Glad you asked. The way it works now frustrates users because when they zoom in and try to scroll the content up close, they're automatically zoomed out instead. 

Imagine if we had the same behavior on mobile. When trying to drag the content with a finger the content would zoom out. Makes you think, “I hope they weren't in the middle of reading something.” 

How are we doing it?

Well, we of course want it to work the same for mobile as for desktops and other non touch devices. So, when the user scrolls, the content scrolls. Simple as that.

Users first!

As a continuation of the before mentioned why, we’re not changing this because we believe it’s a good idea.

At iPaper we care deeply about the end-user experience. Which makes you, our customer look good, and thus makes us look good.


We’re planning to release these changes at the end of August. This is just me letting you know beforehand. Because this will affect the original behavior for the end-user.

That’s all I had to tell, until next time folks. 

Hope you’ll all enjoy this.

Valentin over’n’out!

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Valentin Jørgensen

Valentin Jørgensen

UX designer @iPaper. I'm a user advocate and passionate about solving problems. I care deeply about brands that resonates and goes the extra mile to put a smile on people’s faces. Big fan of Steves Krug's approach "Don't make me think". I like nature and carrots.

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