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Save time with Automation

Let iPaper simplify workload by automating the whole online catalog publication process, so shoppable catalogs are just a drag and drop away.


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Move away from manually adding shop links to your retail catalogs and let our system turn them into shoppable catalogs for you. So you can concentrate on something else. 



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How to build future growth with online catalogs

Learn how online catalogs can add significant value to your current marketing and sales activities.

It's loaded with best practices, statistics and guidance to help you get measurable value from your online catalogs.


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Want photo galleries, videos or product information to appear when visitors click on products without having to manually add them in our enrichment editor yourself? No problem.








Use our FTP Upload function and simply drag and drop your new catalogs. Our system will automatically register and upload it to your iPaper account for processing.









Customer Success
Your success is our goal

We're dedicated to making sure you get measurable value from your iPaper subscription. Immediately and long-term.

Using iPaper is more than just access to features that will boost your sales.

It is access to 10+ years of experience in helping customers earn money through optimizing their online catalog strategy and tactics. 

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Automate the placement of UTM tracking codes on specific product links so you can monitor which clicks to your site originated from your catalog.


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Book an online demo with an iPaper Specialist, and learn just how iPaper can add value to your business.

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