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How we hire

We deeply believe diversity of thought and experience is key to creating the world’s best team and building a truly incredible product.

Our hiring process is designed to help us get to know you - And for you to get to know us, too. Hiring is a two-way conversation – you’re interviewing us as well.

Throughout the process, we’ll share insights into the kind of work you’ll be doing, the team you’ll be joining, our culture and what it’s like working at iPaper.

Our biggest tip throughout the process is be yourself. You are the main character in this journey - so show us who you are!

Open positions

Meet some of our iPaper champions and dive into their tales:

The initial spark that led them here, the magnetic pull that makes them stay, and the secret ingredients that make iPaper feel like home.

It’s not all about work

Simon and Sandy share how non-work-related activities bring us closer together and foster friendships at iPaper.

The reason I joined iPaper

Arantxa and Simon share what initially piqued their interest in iPaper and why they decided to join our team.

What keeps me here

Arantxa, Sandy, and Simon reflect on what they value most about their experience working at iPaper.

Work from anywhere

Niels discusses our hybrid work culture and how it empowers him to balance family commitments on another continent while staying connected to the office environment.

Synergy through diversity

Josh and Arantxa elaborate on how the diverse talents and backgrounds at iPaper contribute to a synergistic and inclusive atmosphere, promoting both a welcoming and motivating environment.


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