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Branding & Setup

Add branding and design elements to your digital catalog that fit your brand.
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Inherited Settings

Digital catalogs are often a monthly or weekly activity. In many circumstances, it can be beneficial to have the same logo, background color, introduction texts, price currency etc. across all catalogs. To save time, you can simply use Inherited Settings to make changes once at the folder level: All catalogs contained in the folder will automatically inherit the settings.  

Conversion points

Offer next steps for your digital catalog visitors to guide along their buying journey.

Enrichments Editor

Enrich your digtal catalogs with images, videos, slideshows, download links, product links and a whole slew of other features in our Enrichment Editor. These features will make your digital catalogs more interactive and engaging for visitors.


News Ticker

Breaking news banner, zipper, news ticker – This way of displaying information has many names. With news ticker enabled on your flipbooks, you can provide additional calls to action for your visitor, that are always present when browsing the digital catalog. The options are: External link, iframe, go to page, email and form.

For more on what can be achieved in this feature, see our help article.

Checkout options

Create a shopping basket inside your digital catalog and provide a way for your visitors to checkout. Multiple checkout options are supported along with different kinds of behaviors and settings.
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WhatsApp checkout

Allow visitors to easily send the content of their basket over WhatsApp. You can create a template of the message that goes along with the order and have contact number be pre-filled or specified by the visitor.

For more information on how to set it up, see this help article.

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Shop Export

You can use the Shop Export to send the digital catalog basket contents to your website’s checkout basket. So, when a visitor is checking out from the digital catalog, they’re directed to your webshop where they can immediately finish their order and purchase.

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JavaScript Integration

You can integrate your digital catalog in your own webshop and basket. Items selected in the catalog will be added directly to your webshop basket, allowing the customer to check out and buy without being directed from one page to another.

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Email Checkout

Email checkout is way for shoppers to share their order with others, like friends, family or even sales representatives. It could be a request to a representative, a wish list or anything else that doesn’t require any immediate payment, or will be paid via other channels.

For more on email checkout, see our help article.

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Variant Support

We offer the ability to add product variants in your catalog, so you can provide shoppers with more choices. Red or green, different sizes or two different products with the same price? With variant support, shoppers can easily see and select the different product choices available.


Lower time and effort to launch your digital catalog.

Enrichment Automation

Interactive enrichments such as product links, icons, etc. greatly increase the engagement of your digital catalogs. However, adding or editing these enrichments manually can be very tedious. With Enrichment Automation, this manual labour is automated. For example, if you want to change icons for your products, you can change it once, and then all your links will automatically show the new icon.

Learn more about Enrichment Automation here.


Automatic Processing

If there are changes to your products, prices or stock, automatic processing can ensure those changes are reflected in your digital catalog. We track and check your product feed and make changes automatically when your data is updated. This way, your digital catalog is always up to date. See more about Automatic Processing in this help article.


FTP Upload

Automatically turn PDFs into digital catalogs. It works by placing all your PDFs on an FTP server and then telling iPaper about that server. Now we can automatically fetch those PDFs and make them into digital catalogs.



Take publication period for one digital catalog, add it to many and set it on a single URL, voila: you have our scheduling feature. A long list of digital catalogs, with different publication periods, on a single URL with one overview of what's live and when.

Minor shop settings

Different shopping behavior requires those minor tweaks to get your shopping experience just right. Here's a couple of highlights...
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Set the currency for the basket to help your visitors understand amounts and totals.

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Hide prices

An option to hide prices in the basket is supported, which is typically used for wishlists or the likes. 

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Clear basket on checkout

Different behaviors of the basket are supported. You can for example either keep the products in the basket, or clear it when a visitor checks out.

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Maximum quantity

This acts as an overall barrier for every individual product in the basket, making sure no more than the specified amount can be ordered.

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Minimum basket value

We provide a way for you to specify a minimum basket total that visitors have to reach before they can checkout. This is typically used if you have to meet shipping costs or something similar.

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Reply email

Specify an email so your customers can reply to orders with changes or cancellations.


Track the performance of your digital catalogs.

Device Breakdown

Get an overview of what device is used most among your visitors. You can view statistics from mobile, tablet and desktop.


Geo Location

Get an overview of which countries your visitors come from and the percentage coming from each country.


Built-in Statistics

We serve statistics for many of our modules and general usage of the digital catalog like: Page views, time spend and conversions etc.

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Google Analytics

Measure the performance of your digital catalog in Google Analytics and compare to other marketing activities. Just enter your Google Analytics ID and events will be send to your account. For a full list of events, see our docs.


Adobe Analytics

If you chose Adobe Analytics for your enterprise needs, we have an integration to measure the performance of your digital catalog in there too. For a full list of events sent, take a look at our docs.


Promote your digital catalog across your marketing channels.


You can embed a smaller version of your digital catalog into any of your website pages. This way you give a little teaser of your flipbook to your website visitors and inspire them to click through.

For an in depth look at what's possible with embeds, see our help article.


Facebook Tracking Pixel

Track digital catalog page views and create remarketing audiences in your Facebook account, so you can keep those visitors coming back.



Add your client ID to start creating remarketing audiences from your digital catalog visitors in your Adform account.


Google Ads

Add your Conversion ID to start creating remarketing audiences from your digital catalog visitors in your Google Ads account.


Tracking Pixel

Add any tracking pixel to your digital catalog for tracking and remarketing.


Engage your digital catalog visitors by adding additional product information.


We have different ways to add extra content to your digital catalogs, which we serve through modals/pop-ups. It can either be a video, text, image or gallery.


Product View

Information is key in the buying journey. With Product View, you can provide additional images and information of a product, without forcing the shopper to an external site.

For more on Product View, see our help article.


Fit your iPaper account seamlessly in your marketing and website setup.

Google Tag Manager

We offer an integration to your Google Tag Manager account, so you can use it to manage and deploy your tags for marketing in your digital catalog.



If you're a HubSpot user, we offer an integration that shows which digital catalogs have been viewed by known contacts in Hubspot.



Get your Sleeknote popups into your digital catalogs so you can convert more leads from within the catalog experience.



For converting more visitors we have a product called Display that acts as a sidekick to your digital catalog. At its core, it's an interactive banner for your products and promotions mixed in a little sidebar that can offer just the right product at the right time. Learn more about the use-cases here.


Every Display can be saved as a template and used again and again saving you time in building and lets you execute quicker.

Display Editor

Every Display is made in the Display Editor, and every time you save, updates are pushed right away.

Built-In Statistics

We offer many in-depth statistics for Displays like: Sessions, total time spent, total product clicks, total image clicks, total button clicks, etc.

Google Analytics

As for digital catalogs, we also provide Google Analytics tracking for Displays. See our documentation on what type of events are shown, or see this help article on how to set up tracking.


Custom Scripting

All customers have the option to add custom scripting. If you need an integration not currently supported or have your own development team to execute (for example adding your own Cookie Consent Manager), custom scripting is for you.



We support two APIs to manipulate the flipbook and customer experience via the Javascript integration option. The first API is for our “viewer”, letting you manipulate the customer experience and the digital catalog, for example with the Javascript integration option. The second is for manipulating the admin, for example to delete digital catalogs.


Ensure your digital catalogs are secure and compliant.

Different User Access

A user hierarchy is supported. We have the administrator, who is the one administrating the account. Then we have users, who can upload digital catalogs and manage the account. Lastly, we have statistic users, who can only see statistics, but can’t make any substantial changes to flipbooks.

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