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08 Jun 2017

Shoppable Content In Online Catalogs: How It Works (With 11 Examples)

This blog post about shoppable content is a 5-minute read. 

Hubspot states that brands find it difficult to bridge the gap between browsing and buying. With shoppable content, you can help to bridge that gap, turning the browsing into actual conversions. 

This post will cover how you can use shoppable content to convert your visitors into customers.  

What does shoppable content mean?

Shoppable content means some kind of compelling visual commerce (images, video, pop-ups) with actionable buying options.

2017-09-04 11_22_32-De beste sommerbøkene.png

The purpose? To shorten the conversion path from browsing to purchase.

According to Hubspotinteractive and shoppable content are now necessary assets for digital retailers.

Want to know the best part? 

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The companies who embrace this form of content marketing are breaking down the barrier between content and shopping. Engaging shopping experiences with enriched websites and catalogs is a move away from the static and old-fashioned way of doing eCommerce. 

For more info on how to improve your eCommerce strategy with online catalogs read here ».

Now, let's look at some brands who use shoppable content in their digital catalogs. 

11 examples of shoppable content in digital flipbooks:   

1) TUPPERWARE - Shoppable product descriptions

Tupperware is a great example of an inspiring online catalog with shoppable content. They focus on inspiring photos with the products in action. 

Next to the product descriptions, you will see a pink +. Click on it, and a pop-up allows you to add directly to cart. 

They also include inspirational content such as videos, that opens on top of the catalog. The catalog is always visible and you don't have to leave it to shop. 



2) ELGIGANTEN - Shopping icons animated and size differentiated

Elgigantens online catalog incorporates animated shopping carts that immediately catches the eye. These are placed next to products, making it easy to shop. ("KØB" = buy in Danish).

Key or A items have a bigger cart size than B and C items. 



3) MAILEG  - Shoppable images 

Maileg is a brand of Danish-designed toys. In their B2B catalog retailers can add items directly to a basket. The order can then be sent by email directly from the catalog. Time-saving and effective.    

2017-06-06 08_41_57-2017 B2B.png


4) KID INTERIØR - Shoppable images with fade ins

The Norwegian Kid Interiør uses shoppable images with shopping icons fading in on products after a few seconds.

As soon as you click on a shopping icon, the product is added to the basket at the top and the price of the item appears. You can always click on the basket to see all items added, prices etc. without leaving the catalog - smart! 



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5) BYGMA - shopping icons in two sizes

Bygma uses green shopping icons to make shopping directly from their catalog easy. They use different sizes of shopping icons, depending on where they are placed.

2017-06-02 09_36_06-Tilbudsavisen uge 21 & 22 2017.png


6) CREATIV COMPANY - highlighted item numbers

Creativ company has thousands of items for creative hobbies displayed in large catalogs of 400-500 pages.

Their extensive amount of products are highlighted with green clickable item numbers. 

When clicked you see a large pop-up with "add to basket" without leaving the catalog. 

2017-06-08 10_57_57-Hovedkatalog PRI 2016_2017.png


7) EURONICS - slide-in buttons 

The electronics company Euronics uses slide-in buy buttons with the text buy (køb) together with a shopping icon. This makes it easy for the customer to shop directly from the catalog.  



8) MILAS - pop-up box on item numbers

The Norwegian firm Milas is selling toys, creative stuff, furniture for kindergartens etc. Their online catalog is packed with colorful images. When clicking on an item number, you will see a bar with the text "Go to product in webshop". 

2017-06-02 14_19_33-Milas.png

Then a pop-up box will appear from which you can shop. 

You can still see the catalog underneath and it is easy to return to the catalog when you have added to basket. Just close the pop-up window: 

2017-06-02 14_20_22-Milas.png


Pop-ups can be used in many ways. 

Learn how to use pop-ups to generate leads from your website and flipbooks in this blog post ».


9) PETER JUSTESEN - direct shopping from images with notification pop-up

Peter Justesen is duty-free shopping for diplomats. Their online catalogs offer an easy shopping experience directly from the catalog. When you click on the green shopping icon, the product is added to basket and you also get a notification popup.



10) FLEGGAARD - Video inspiration

Fleggaard is a chain of Danish-German land-border retail shops, which embrace the idea of shoppable content.

In their online catalog, they embed small videos with one of the most popular Danish comedians, Casper Christensen, to inspire the readers in a funny way.

On top of all products, they have placed green shopping icons, making it easy to order goods ready for pick-up in a preferred store. 

2017-06-06 09_25_24-Fleggaard grænsehandel - Grænsebutikker og grænsehandel online.png



11) HIP & TOWN - pop-up with additional product information

To inspire you, we have made our own interactive catalog HIP & TOWN.

See what you can do with various kinds of shoppable content, such as image galleries and pop-ups with additional product information or direct add to cart. 

2017-06-06 14_21_57-Hip & Town.png



The online market is crowded with competition, and brands and retailers must lessen the friction between content and their products when attracting and engaging their customers. The retail industry uses new ways of advertising its products to catch the consumers, such as blogs, videos, and online magazines. We see a move towards a more engaging and interactive online experience. 

From above examples, you have seen different ways of using shoppable content to bridge the gap between research and actual purchase. Hopefully, you can use some of these examples as inspiration for your own engagement strategy. 

The most important point to take away from this blog post is: convert your visitors into customers by making the path from browsing to actual shopping as simple as possible. Make it easy to shop directly from your online content.

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