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Over 1 million sessions averaging 4 minutes spend in digital catalog

Mobile-first catalog experience that's enriched with product videos, shopping links and WhatsApp checkout.









Yves Rocher is one of the leading beauty and cosmetics direct selling brands in the world. It operates across 5 continents distributing an estimated 300 million products every year to its network of loyal customers. 



As a direct selling business, Yves Rocher Italia has long relied on print catalogs to showcase its wide range of products.


But, with the rise in online product research and online shopping, it needed to find a solution to digitize its printed catalogs and bring its shopping experience into the modern world.



With iPaper's Flipbooks solution, Yves Rocher Italia has transformed its PDFs into interactive shoppable catalogs. It now offers a mobile-first catalog experience that's enriched with product videos, shopping links and WhatsApp checkout.YVR Italia case catalog


Shoppers can easily scroll through the catalogs on their phone and add products to the basket as they go. Then, when ready to checkout, send the contents of that basket to their local rep through WhatsApp.


But it's not only Yves Rocher Italia's shoppers that have benefited from working with iPaper. Thanks to WhatsApp checkout, it's sales force is now equipped to receive orders on the go and process a sale in just a few clicks. There's no longer a need for phone calls or home visits, it can all be done via WhatsApp.



Within a few weeks of starting with iPaper Yves Rocher Italia saw its online catalogs turn into its best performing brand communication tool:


  • The first iPaper catalog saw around 250,000 visits in just three weeks.

  • Since then, catalog visits have increased to over one million per catalog.

  • Readers spend around 4 minutes in each catalog.

  • Facebook posts sharing the catalogs are the most engaged.



    "The results of our online catalogs are beyond expectations. They're easy to share with our sales community and consumers. Our iPaper catalogs became our best performing brand communication tool in a few weeks. With nearly 4 minutes spent per visit, it means the format and content are appealing for consumers."

Yves Rocher Italia


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