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Create engagement. Guide shoppers. Inspire.

The perfect sidekick to your flipbooks

You can now add a new CTA to your flipbooks that when clicked, opens an interactive banner called Display. 
Use Display to highlight specific promotions, add interactive product guides and more - all without altering the original PDF
With the user-friendly drag-and-drop editor and reusable templates it becomes easy to add one more interactive layer to your flipbooks

Add a new layer to your leaflet

Information and inspiration are key in a shopper’s browsing and decision phase. Use Display to provide additional content that engages, like related promotions, product-related recipes or an explanation on how to navigate and shop your flipbook. 

Create promotions throughout your campaign

Attention to promotions tend to drop the longer they are live, resulting in lower catalog traffic towards the end of the campaign. With Display, you can create more promotions without having to make changes to your existing catalog or create a new one.

Link your print campaign with your digital channels

Let Display be a part of your omnichannel strategy. Available on websites and in flipbooks, you can direct traffic back and forth between the two. Repurpose content from other channels to create Displays or use Display content to create ads on other channels.

Want to get started with Display in your account?

Book a free personal walkthrough by selecting a time that fits your schedule. Get a tailored introduction to Display and inspiration on how to use it in your campaigns.
If you’re on an Enterprise+ or Empire license, iPaper Display is already freely available in your account.
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