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Unlimited number of digital catalogs for 1% of the printing cost

Tackling digital transformation head on, Cristian Lay has become a breakthrough industry leader with its iPaper catalogs

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Cristian Lay's digital catalog showed on a tablet. 

"iPaper is the best thing we've implemented this year. For 1% of the cost of printing a catalog, we can create as many iPaper catalogs as we like."

José Antonio Del Pino
Senior Marketing Project Leader

Cristian Lay are a global direct selling company.

They operate across three continents and offers a range of products from jewellery to cosmetics and fashion.

As a traditional direct selling company, print catalogs have long been the foundation of Cristian Lay's business model. Its sales representatives would drive door to door to give customers their latest catalog full of products. They'd then drive back when the customer is ready to place an order. The business heavily relied on face to face relationships.

A picture of a tablet showing a spread of a digital catalog. A man and a woman are standing and starring. On the left, a bag, a watch and jewellery are shown.

Taking on digital transformation

As an innovative company that cares for its customers and representatives, Cristian Lay needed to find a way to attract and engage its younger, and growing, digital-first audience. But, at the same time, improve the way its representatives run their business. Noticing the digital transformation trend and wanting to stay ahead of the game, Cristian Lay decided to reposition itself online.

To do that, the team needed to digitize its printed product catalogs. No more flicking through pages and placing order forms. Customers wanted to shop online. There was also an increasing demand for representatives to be able to work and make sales from home. They didn't want to spend hours driving door to door when they could just as easily work from home and receive orders over the phone.

"We needed to find a solution that could support our company-wide digital growth plans. But was also easy to implement and manage for both the representatives and marketing teams across our global markets. Thanks to iPaper, we've found exactly that."

José Antonio Del Pino, Senior Marketing Project Leader at Cristian Lay

Shoppable catalogs personalized for each representative

Attracting and engaging:

With iPaper, Cristian Lay has completely transformed its product catalogs. All catalogs are now published digitally. They're easy to navigate and include animations, a newsticker and product videos.

Capturing buying intent: 

They're visually captivating and keep customers engaged throughout the browsing journey. Customers can easily add products to their catalog basket as they go and even customize their order. For example, if a shopper wants to buy jewellery, they can choose whether they’d like it engraved.

Checking out: 

Using iPaper's checkout features, customers have two options when it comes to buying. They can send the contents of their basket to their representative over WhatsApp. Or, they can checkout via the webshop.

"Thanks to the WhatsApp checkout feature, the relationship between customer and representative is much faster. Our customers love shopping through our iPaper catalogs. The user feedback has been fantastic."

José Antonio Del Pino, Senior Marketing Project Leader at Cristian Lay

Personalised catalogs: 

For its representatives, Cristian Lay has become the first iPaper customer to create a personalized catalog process. All representatives have a unique URL to every flipbook. They can then share that link to their customers via email or WhatsApp so sales and commissions can be correctly attributed and easily managed.

"Our representatives love working with iPaper. For many we're their main source of income. It was important for us to ensure they can work and get commissions without ever having to leave their home. We wanted to provide a modern way of working that would appeal to anyone looking to become a representative for Cristian Lay."

Transformed customer experience and reduced costs

Since implementing iPaper, Cristian Lay:

"iPaper is the best thing we've implemented this year. For 1% of the cost of printing a catalog, we can create as many iPaper catalogs as we like. It's an incredible saving, and thanks to our success, we consider it a long-term and crucial part of our business."

José Antonio Del Pino, Senior Marketing Project Leader at Cristian Lay

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