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Below you will find a curated selection of guides.
They will provide you with a solid foundation and understanding of iPaper and propel you towards becoming a superstar 🌟
1. What is a flipbook?
How is it created? And how is it different from a PDF?
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2. Inherited Settings: a time saver!
How to align and smartly change settings on your flipbooks.
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3. Organizing and naming your flipbooks
Naming matters. Make the right choices and increase your SEO value.
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4. Using the Media library
Media. Keeping your assets at hand and ready for use.
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5. Designing and exporting your PDF
Specifications and recommendations.
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6. Creating your first flipbook
You want to create your first shiny flipbook? Here's how!
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7. Update an existing flipbook
How to change the PDF content of a flipbook without losing any settings or statistics.
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8. How do I add Enrichments?
Make your flipbooks come alive with links, images, videos and animations.
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