2. Promote

Your digital catalog is fully prepared for success and published. Now what?

Printed catalogs are an already established format. Shoppers expect to find them in-store and in their letterboxes at regular intervals.

However, the same established behavior is still not as ingrained, when it comes to their digital counterparts.

Reasons why people don't use digital catalogs:

I don't get exposed to them
They are hard to find online
I didn't know they existed

Digital catalogs — like all other digital channels — require promotion, to maximize their reach, and thereby their business results.

Maximize the reach of your digital catalog

Ensuring the success of your digital catalog involves both visibility and engagement with your target audience. The more you attract, the greater the potential for converting shoppers into customers for your business.

Actively promoting your digital catalog boosts the potential for conversions. Neglecting promotion, however, risks your digital catalogs going unnoticed by potential customers.

Fortunately, effective promotion can be straightforward when employing trusted tactics.


The percentage of shoppers using digital leaflets and catalogs to inform their online purchases.


Promote your digital catalog on your website

Your homepage is your biggest billboard. It's where you showcase your best, current deals, and set the stage for your business’ narrative.

Your digital catalog is a natural extension of this. As an important sales, and marketing channel, don’t hide it away in the footer of your homepage: ensure you capture your customers’ attention by giving your digital catalog the website real estate it deserves.

Promote your digital catalog with:

A hero banner on your homepage
A tab in the main menu alongside other vital elements of your business

Your digital catalog's strength lies in being able to offer either a swift overview of the latest deals with just a few page-flips, or deliver an inspirational experience that vastly differs from your webshop.

The result?

By promoting the digital catalog on your website, you can present time-sensitive promotions such as weekly deals, or showcase inspirational content, without having to constantly update your homepage.

First impressions count!

When promoting your digital catalog on your website, make sure it stands out:

Trust in your digital catalog through brand association
Utilize clear links
Add bold graphics and images
Text to indicate “newness”/act now / whatever / sense of urgency
3 tactics to create a captivating home page experience using catalogs

Expand your reach with targeted SoMe advertising

Nowadays, many online consumers frequently discover and interact with brands via social media.

In the European Shopper Survey 2023, we found that 46% use Facebook, 41% use Instagram and 25% use TikTok to get inspired about products or search for deals and promotions.

The percentage of shoppers who use social media channels to get inspired about products or search for deals and promotions.


By leveraging your social media channels to highlight your digital catalog, you can generate brand awareness, and inspire potential top-of-funnel customers.

3 ways to use digital catalogs in top funnel marketing

By displaying your best deals and products in your digital catalog, you also incentivize familiar, determined shoppers to buy.

Tailor your promotion strategy for your digital catalog based on your target audience's digital preferences, and consider creating a dedicated social media marketing strategy for your digital catalog.

At the very least, ensure promotion of your digital catalog across digital channels where your business has a presence.

The result?

Simply exposing your digital catalog more will lead to more views.

Optimize your digital catalog for social media sharing

Incorporate your digital catalog into your newsletters

Newsletters are a surefire way of maintaining interest with some of your warmest leads. Remember to include your digital catalog in your outreach to them!

In the European Shopper Survey 2022, of the shoppers who signed up for at least one form of retail communication in the past year, most signed up for newsletters and digital catalogs.

Digital catalog

Your newsletter subscribers expect regular content to drop into their inboxes. Play into their expectations: create a newsletter experience that is consistent with and actively promotes your digital catalog to drive recurring traffic.

The result?

By promoting consistent behavior, you can create browsing habits, which in turn, can increase the likelihood that your warmest leads see your best deals, or are inspired to purchase.

3 tactics to boost newsletter engagement

Bring digital catalogs into the real world with QR codes

In the 2022 European Shopper Survey, 43% of respondents named printed in-store catalogs as a source of inspiration for their purchase decisions. Catalogs offer valuable insights in-store as they do at home, presenting additional contextual information that enhances the overall shopping experience.


The percentage of shoppers who use in-store catalogs as inspiration for their purchase decisions

Take advantage of the widespread global use of mobile devices by allowing users to effortlessly browse your latest catalog in seconds. This can be done simply by scanning a QR code.

If your business doesn’t have the time or budget for rearranging or decorating your store, this low-cost tactic might be just what your store needs to create an inspirational experience combining physical and digital.

Give your customers direct access to your digital catalog by placing a QR code at the entrance to your physical stores or on printed flyers.
Drive inspiration by placing QR codes on Display banners, TV adverts, at bus stops, posters and other media to create a seamless brand experience.
Utilize QR codes beside products to offer customers detailed product information - to learn more on the spot or consider further at home.

With digital catalogs, shoppers can browse the catalog anywhere, anytime.

David Gurita
E-commerce Digital & UX Design Lead, El Corte Inglés, Portugal

Integrate your digital catalog with your mobile app

Similar to a webshop, the purpose of a retail app is often to use convenience to lower the barrier of purchase. Mobile apps allow customers to purchase on the go, or save and manage their orders with confidence.


With 29% of shoppers using store apps for searching and learning about deals, prices, and products (European Shopper Survey 2022), this offers retailers a golden opportunity to plug and use their digital catalogs to provide a more engaging browsing/shopping experience than the white grids of a web shop.

Smart retailers with a mobile app should make full use of this additional platform to promote beautiful digital catalogs that can complement the ease of in-app shopping.

The result?

On top of creating more interactive elements in your digital catalog, pop-ups can serve a variety of business purposes, from promoting deals or drawing attention to specific products.

Leverage push notifications
People carry their smartphones all the time, and an additional benefit of promoting your digital catalogs through your app is the ability to be present, wherever your customers are, through push notifications.

By informing them directly through your app, you maintain a high level of brand familiarity, and lower the barrier for entry into your online store.

El Corte Inglés Portugal uses iPaper digital catalogs in their retail mobile app, and 78% of the views of their digital catalogs are on mobile devices.

CASE: El Corte Inglés Portugal

Share with representatives and transform their way of working

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 exposed the vulnerability of businesses that rely on physical stores, or representatives physically meeting with customers, to drive sales.

Direct selling companies have been forced to rethink their selling strategies to fit an ever-increasingly digital landscape, to activate representatives and inspire shoppers.

In addition, a digital catalog allows your representatives to expand their reach, and maximize potential earnings, by sharing the digital catalog via email or social media.

The result?

By allowing your representatives to share and use the digital catalog in their sales process, you enable them to:

Expand their reach beyond their local area
Accept and handle orders easily, without losing the personal communication
Maximize their potential earnings

Present your shoppers with your latest catalog on a static URL with Scheduling

Businesses thrive on market variety, and seasonal promotions can help drive a sense of urgency and increase sales. To capitalize on this, your digital catalogs need to be live at the right time.

If your business runs different promotions, offers, or collections on a set cadence, you'll want your digital catalogs to match these. With Scheduling, you can choose which digital catalogs are displayed when, and for how long, while maintaining a single, static URL.

And shoppers find it to be a huge benefit:

Examples of static URLs

Static URLs can be either branded, or unbranded (iPaper System URL).

Unbranded domain: viewer.ipaper.io/yourbrand/digital-catalog-1
Branded Domain: catalog.yourbrand.com

The result?

You can set up when your digital catalogs are available in advance. You reduce time-sensitive manual work and human errors, while ensuring that your digital catalog is online at the right time.

The iPaper platform and its infrastructure ensures we can easily and without any complexity publish online catalogs in 27 markets each week.

Kasper Fabricius Dorby
Head of Digital Marketing, JYSK
Ready to set up Scheduling?

Leverage the power of Scheduling and Branded Domain, combined

When you combine the benefits of Scheduling with the advantages of a Branded Domain, your shoppers only ever need to remember one on-brand URL to make sure they always land on your most current digital catalog.

The result?

You ensure the right digital catalog is available at the right time on the right (static and branded) URL. This can…

  1. Increase the traffic to your digital catalog. If a shopper has read a previous catalog, they always know the URL to find the latest.
  2. Create a habit of shoppers checking the new digital catalog because it’s always made available at the same day and time.