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Adapte-se a um novo mercado de vendas sociais

Os últimos anos trouxeram uma maior necessidade de digitalização para empresas de venda social ou direta, que agora precisam: 

  • Encontrar novas medidas para ativar os seus representantes de vendas
  • Alcançar mais consumidores usando táticas online
  • Inspirar consumidores, que adotaram formas mais flexíveis de compra

É hora de colocar a transformação digital em sua agenda - com catálogos digitais!

Adapt to the new social selling market

The past few years have highlighted the need for digitalization in the direct selling companies, who now need to:

  • Find new ways to activate sales representatives
  • Reach more shoppers using online tactics
  • Inspire shoppers, who have adopted more flexible ways of buying.

It's time to put digital transformation on your agenda - with digital catalogs!

Be better equipped in a changing market

The past few years have exposed the vulnerability of businesses relying solely on physical interactions between sales and customers to drive sales.

Companies were forced to adapt and think digitally to activate their customers.

At the same time, this has opened up customers towards a more flexible way of buying.

The digital catalog solution built for direct selling success

Connect with your audience online

  • Enable your sales representatives to share your catalog via email or social media
  • Maximize your readers by making your catalogs available on any device.

Empower your sales reps' business

  • Integrate WhatsApp or Viber and allow customers to order directly from the catalog
  • No geographical limitations: your representatives receive orders, get commission and scale business

Create engaging and inspiring catalogs in minutes

  • Engage readers by enriching your digital catalog with videos, product links, icons and much more
  • Save time with Enrichment Automation: change interactive elements like links or icons automatically and say goodbye to manual editing

Identify which content drives sales

  • Measure your catalog performance through our built-in statistics: sessions, time spent, clicks, search history, orders, revenue, etc.
  • Track events through integrations with Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics

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