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iPaper respects your data, and will not store or process your personal information, without your explicit consent.

Our sales team may come across your details in our search for companies we think we can add value to with our services.

During our first outreach, we will ask for your consent to store and process your data.  We do this so we can contact you about our services through email and/or phone and follow-up on our communication with you. We also keep data of our communication with you to get statistics that we use to learn from. 

You can ask to have your data deleted anytime. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. 


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When you visit our website we automatically set cookies to store your settings, recommend content, target ads, and gather statistics. 

This information is shared with 3rd parties. See which 3rd party tools iPaper uses and which cookies are set. 

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At iPaper, we have been following the GDPR closely and have been making a number of changes to our product and processes.

This is to ensure that our customers can remain compliant with the GDPR while using iPaper.

GDPR in iPaper