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Engage your visitors with promotion banners

Extend your campaign tactics with Display onsite banners your visitors love.








Get more shoppers to explore your products

Guide your visitors to a better shopping experience with engaging Display banners. Drive attention to selected products. Increase sales and reduce your bounce rate.



Intuitive editor

Create Display banners in lightning speed

Create Display banners in the same time it takes you to create a newsletter in the easy-to-use editor.





Shopping feed integration

Prices and visuals always updated

Don't worry about wrong prices or broken links. Your Display banners are based on the product data in your Google Merchant feed.



Rich elements

Impress your visitors with video and visuals

Make your Display banners engaging and add text, visuals, videos and CTAs to drive more visitors to your product pages.





Stay true to your brand style

Design a general theme that matches your company style guide to use across your Display banners.



Track performance and optimize based on data

Track performance with in-app statistics and integrate with Google Analytics.




Customer story

22% increase in conversion rate


"iPaper has helped us become much more campaign driven and we've seen a 22% increase in conversion rate after using Display banners"


Nicolai L. Jørgensen

Ecommerce Manager at Bog & Idé


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Igniting growth, not complexity

Getting started with iPaper and joining 1,200+ retailers is easy


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2. Setting it up

We have a wealth of experience helping retail teams get up and running with iPaper and we can't wait to set it up for you.




3. Get results

Drive more people to your physical and online store with cost-efficient, climate friendly distribution and boost sales.



Give your visitors a better shopping experience 

Watch this video and see why Display banners will help boost sales by optimizing the shopping experience on your online store.




Grow your business by getting more visitors engaged with your products


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