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Scale your sales with WhatsApp catalog checkout

We give direct selling companies the opportunity to offer a truly mobile-first shopping experience with WhatsApp integrated catalog checkout.









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1. Upload your PDF

Start a free trial and upload a PDF of your catalog. No credit card needed. No strings attached.


2. Enable WhatsApp checkout

You don't need to be technical. We'll help setup your WhatsApp checkout flow and guide you to success.

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3. Get results

Increase online sales and offer the mobile shopping journey your customers demand with WhatsApp checkout.

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Highlighted features

We can automate the process of adding shop icons, links and interactive elements to your catalogs

Easily add your Google Analytics tracking code  to monitor your performance. With our pre-built segments you can monitor how many sales come directly from a shoppable catalog.

You can download reports to dive deeper into the numbers and better understand your catalog readers.

You can easily make sure your shoppable catalogs match your brand, and add a branded domain making the URL appear as your own.

Your catalog readers can easily send the contents of the shopping basket to their local representative over WhatsApp.

iPaper ensures your catalogs performs well on all devices, so your visitors experience a best-in-class catalog experience on desktop, tablet and mobile



Your customers demand a digital shopping experience

With WhatsApp enabled catalog shopping your customers can browse and interact with your catalogs on their phone. When they're ready to buy, they can easily send their basket content to a local representative over WhatsApp.

Your representatives can scale their business and be more efficient

With WhatsApp your representatives no longer have to drive door to door or take orders by phone call. Orders will be sent directly into their WhatsApp inbox and can be processed immediately. 



Top direct selling brands are using iPaper to digitize their business




18% increase in catalog readers with improved customer journey

“We saw results immediately after enabling WhatsApp checkout. Our shoppers say that iPaper helps them have a fast, direct route to purchase and our sales force loves the flexibility WhatsApp checkout offers them.”


Andrea Signori

Digital Manager at Stanhome Italia








3x increase in catalog audience

"The results from using iPaper came fast! Our new and improved online catalogs were well received by shoppers and in the first few months we actually tripled the number of catalog readers! Our success with iPaper is fantastic news for both our overall sustainability and digitalization plan.”


Jhon Matta

IT Manager at Natura Chile








Improved workforce productivity and more sales orders

"Thanks to iPaper our resellers had more orders through WhatsApp and they worked in a more orderly way. The results from our iPaper catalogs were seen immediately and iPaper also has many metrics that are very helpful in making decisions."


Rodrigo Gómez Salgado

Digital Marketing Supervisor, Millanel Cosmética






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We truly care about your success

Our decade's worth of experience goes into providing personal onboarding experiences tailored to your goals, and enabling you to get positive ROI from your subscription.


Our Net Promotor Score is 75+ because we are committed to providing a best-in-class experience.



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