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How WhatsApp checkout from digital catalogs has transformed the direct selling industry

Direct selling is selling products directly to consumers in a non-retail environment. Instead, sales occur at home, work, online, or other non-store locations.

Importance of educating blog header

The importance of educating your shoppers

As alert consumers we're easily tempted by new products. Products that may help us improve our everyday lives, excel in our hobbies or simply make us look cool. We're constantly scrolling on our ...

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How the ASOS app takes the lead in inspirational product discovery

Since its launch in 2000, ASOS has risen up the ranks to become the go-to online fashion retailer for 20-somethings worldwide. With an active customer base of 18.4 million and around 70% of its ...

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Why limiting choice is the secret to product discovery

There are currently around 24 million ecommerce sites in the world. That's a lot of competition and an unimaginable amount of products. So it's no surprise that today's ecommerce brands panic. They ...

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Why Amazon sucks at inspiring browsing shoppers

We all know Amazon. We know how it works, we know how to use it and we know exactly what to expect. We trust we'll get a good deal and fast, reliable delivery. It's the ideal place to shop when you ...