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Button colors for conversions: 5 buttons you have to use on your website

If you didn’t think about how color impacts your webshop conversion rates, you didn’t take any basic business courses. Most people in business and marketing understand the theory of persuasive marketing and the science and psychology behind colors in creating an effective message. In landing page and website design, color allows webshops to build trust, encourage sales without pushing, send positive messages, and more.

Understanding which colors are best isn’t a matter of knowing that this color says one thing or that color says another. There is no single color that is ultimately better than the rest. What truly matters is the type of product or service being offered, the area around the button (for contrast), and the emotion that should be evoked in order to get the conversion. Keep reading to learn more about how to improve webshop click-throughs with a simple color change.


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Convert browsing shoppers

#1 The meaning of color

#2 Tips for increasing conversions with colors

#3 Test different options


The Meaning of Color

Although colors aren’t hard-and-fast about their success, there are some general feelings and industries related to certain colors. Finding the right button color can be as easy as understanding what colors mean, or how they are perceived. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Black: Sleek, powerful, and sophisticated. Typically used with luxury products.

  • Blue: Security, trust, and strength. Banks and corporations use blue often.

  • Orange: Inviting and warm, but still commands attention.

  • Green: Stability, wealth, and renewal. Green is also easiest on the eyes.

  • Purple: Power, extravagance, and luxury. Pastel shades signify romance.

  • Pink: Feminine and romantic, often used for marketing to young girls and women.

  • Red: Powerful and energetic, often denotes urgency. A darker shade suggests luxury or exclusivity.

  • Yellow: Youthful, optimistic, and happy. Great for getting the attention of browsers and window shoppers.

Again, these are all basic generalizations made from information that has been gathered regarding the effect of color on consumers over the years. People are more likely to convert if they can relate or associate with whatever they are engaged in. Therefore, if something as simple as the appropriate color for a CTA button can make such a big change, it makes sense to assess the options and decide what is best for your needs.

Tips for Increasing Conversions with Colors

The first (and most obvious) tip to increase conversions by using the psychology of color is to get to know what colors are typically associated with your business so that you can figure out which ones are best suited for the intentions of the webshop. Understanding how colors are seen can make all the difference in your success. For example, an herbal store would probably stick with green buttons for continuity. However, a marketing company might use a powerful red button to get people’s attention.

Here are a few more tips to keep in mind:

  • Always make sure that the color you choose for your buttons stands out on the page and doesn’t clash with the background colors and other elements on the website. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a mismatched, eyesore of a website.

  • Consider how other businesses in the same industry are using color and how successful their efforts are. A lot of colors are industry-specific as to their intended meaning. For example, green on a nature website might just mean renewal and life, while on an insurance sales website means profits and money.

  • Just because colors are “supposed” to change the way people think or feel doesn’t mean that they always will. Take the time to test out a few variations and see which ones get the best results. Even a business that isn’t typically expected to use a certain color might find that it actually is the option that works best for them.

  • If the choice is between red and green, go red. Most sites that have done A/B testing report that having a red button is going to consistently outperform in almost every case. Everything from marketing sites to webshops will see better results with red buttons in almost every situation.

Keep in mind that buttons are supposed to stand out, but not in a bad way. Make sure that you have a strong analytical tool in place to assist with color analysis and figure out which one is right for your website.

Test Different Options

A/B testing is an integral step in every part of the website and landing page design. Especially when building a successful webshop, it’s important to see how different consumer markets respond to different colors, design elements, and site layouts. Something as simple as changing a button from black to red could double conversions or more.

Just remember that testing should be done with one variation at a time. That way, it will be easy to track whether the change was positive or negative, and which design ultimately is the best option. After all, what works for one company won’t always work for another. Simple variances like the product or type of company could affect the success of various colors and determine which ones are ultimately the most effective.

The Bottom Line

Call-to-action buttons are integral to the success of any landing page or webshop. Typically, these buttons in a store environment are to “add to cart” or “checkout now”. However, the color of those buttons could impact the bottom line a lot more than most people realize. Make sure that your buttons stand out, first and foremost, because people can’t click on something they can’t find. The psychology of color exists for a reason, and it has been proven in marketing to be a small element that can have a big impact on the company’s bottom line.

When you’re going to use buttons on your webshop, you should use them well. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time and it will quickly drive away potential sales. People like things that are easy and with the right color buttons, you can guarantee that everyone will get the right message and proceed with the desired action, thereby increasing your conversion rates significantly.


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