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01 Jun 2017

How to Build an Online Business Based on a Digital Flipbook (Real Case)

This post about how to build an online business based on a digital flipbook is a 3-minute read.

Malgré Tout is the leading Danish digital sports, leisure and fashion magazine for the equestrian world. Their magazine is a 100-130 page digital flipbook packed with interesting articles, interviews, coverages, portraits, current trends and beautiful pictures. Malgré Tout manages a website and their free online lifestyle magazine, which completes their online medium. 

So how did the owners Troels and Desirée built their online business based on the iPaper flipbook? 

How to make a living out of a free magazine? 

With a firm belief that the magazine should be 100% free, the company faced the challenge of how to generate revenue from the magazine. Also facing the reality that 6+ yearly publications of 100+ pages each is a time-consuming project, which takes time away from other possible income sources.  

With an interesting niche product of free valuable content about the equestrian world and the lifestyle associated with it, the company reached out to retailers, producers and others with a passion for horses, who would like to get a visible ad spot in front of a very attractive and passionate target group of 45.000 people each month. 





Our magazine is a lifestyle product within the equestrian world. The iPaper flipbook is an important corner stone for our business concept. We have built our business around the iPaper flipbook, where different companies buy ad space in our life style magazine. We make a business in this flipbook product.


Troels Højvig, CEO, and owner, Malgré Tout



2017-04-07 10_46_41-StoreHestedag2016.png

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Advertising as a benefit for both magazine and advertiser 

With 100+ pages to fill with content, there is plenty of room for ads like in any print magazine. But the benefits of advertising in the digital iPapers are, unlike in printed catalogs, crystal clear; engaging elements that lead the deep-pocketed consumers directly to the advertisers' website and tracking of every behavior via statistics and heat map. 

The increasing support from Malgré Tout's advertisers has made it possible to deliver a totally free quality magazine for their readers. 

See how it's done in this beautifal digital magazine:


The magazine is targeting a very attractive target group of women with an average age of 38 years. A target group of women, who are very passionate about their active life with horses and riding. It's a very strong target group with purchasing power, who are very engaged in the editorial content and the whole universe related to the equestrian world.

Malgré Tout exposes the digital messages to a very well defined and strong target group of more than 45.000 persons using their digital platforms each month. 

We have made several new initiatives within content marketing. This makes it possible to combine the written word with webbanners and digital  interactive ads. This means that we can use our online communication channels much more effectively, and as an advertiser, who will experience a larger effect of your messages. 





HEAT MAP USED AS Sales accelerator 

Malgré Tout has a very professional approach to the sale of ads. Their focus is on showing the value for their customers by showing the benefits of the iPaper heat map function. 

 It would be a great shame if people don’t use all the knowledge that’s available in the product. Every one of my customers are flabbergasted by the heat map function. 


2017-04-07 13_06_30-iPaper.png


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