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22 Mar 2017

5 Ways To Spice Up Your Email Sign Ups

Email sign up forms are effective and, nowadays, expected.

The sign up form can make or break the customer's decision to subscribe to your newsletter. With so many examples out there, creating an engaging email sign up can be a difficult task. 

Is the basic "Sign up here" too boring? How much text is too much? How can I get customers to read it?

To help you get started and use this tool to boost sales, customer loyalty and share content, we've put together our top tips for creating the ultimate sign up pop-up. 

#1 Don't be afraid

#2 Choose related images 

#3 Use powerful language

#4 Include an incentive

#5 Ask customers what they want

#1. Don't be afraid

Email marketing has proven to be one of the most valuable marketing channels due to its high ROI, yet some brands still insist on keeping quiet and hiding their sign up form.

Don't hide away.

Unless your customers can easily see the form, pop-up or subscribe button on your website or online catalog, they're not going to sign up.

You don't know what you can't see so, step one, make it visible.


Skandinavisk 2


Skandinavisk, the scented candle retailer, isn't afraid to shout about their email subscription and has an automatic  pop-up on their website homepage. It also has a dedicated newsletter page that is clearly presented in its top bar. 

#2. choose related images

If you're aiming for a more visual sign up, it's important to try to relate the image with the text in order to emphasize the message. 


2017-03-10 09_56_56-Wee Squeak® Fun Shoes for Kids.png


Wee Squeak, a children's shoe shop, has married what they sell with what they want the visitor to do by combining an image of a girl running away to reinforce the message to hurry up.  

#3. use powerful language

Your sign up form is another way of speaking to your customer, so focus on the language used and make sure it represents your brand.

Nerd Fitness used its sign up form to connect to its target audience in a light-hearted tone. By approaching its sign up form in a conversational and personal style, the consumer understands Nerd Fitness and its values from the get go. 


nerd fitness..png


#4. include an incentive

By highlighting a customer benefit or incentive straight away, you're more likely to grab the customer's attention and entice them into handing over their details.

Some brands, like West Elm, have really mastered this tactic and understand that customers don't give their details over easily, so if you offer something in return, you may find they're more willing to hand over their info. 




#5. ask customers what they want

A rare but effective sign up form let's visitors decide what they want.

Let's say you have a range of products or different categories of newsletters to sign up for, it's worth offering options.

Saffron Avenue allows its customers to choose what level and type of communication they would prefer and asks what they are most interested in. 

Saffron Avenue.png


By letting the customer decide what they want, both parties win.

The customer only gets the emails they're interested in, giving a more tailored brand experience, whilst allowing you to harness this valuable data and get to know your customers wants and needs more intimately. 


What's most important when it comes to email sign ups is that they're visible and represent your brand.

Whilst there are many ways to go about creating a sign up form, with these tips you will be well on your way to perfecting the ultimate sign up experience for your customers. 

If you've come across any great sign up forms, please comment below and let me know!

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