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Why iPaper is helping eCommerce brands improve product discovery

Back in 2005, I was a freelancer at media agency No Zebra. One of our tasks was to digitize folders for Bang & Olufsen and make them interactive, enabling users to virtually "flip" the pages in a browser. A task that easily took around half a day to create one single digital folder.


Being a developer at heart, I worked on a solution that would automate this. In the end this is what the core of iPaper became. By reducing the process of creating a digital folder to mere minutes instead of hours, we were able to turn it into a business that today services over 1,200 customers across 53 countries.


But, over the years, we’ve realized that what we offer plays into something deeper than just a quick solution to make PDF files interactive. Our solutions allow our customers to improve their store’s product discovery.


Product discovery is not a new concept. It’s been utilized since the dawn of eCommerce. Recommendations, trending products, sales and offers, you name it. It all supports the browsing consumer, looking to discover products she doesn’t yet know she’s looking for.


But, a lot of businesses today are not up to scratch with their product discovery. 


Far too many webshops I visit just have an image carousel or sliders on their homepage. If I click further, I enter a category page with an endless grid of products that’s obviously generated by an algorithm. There may even be multiple pages I have to fight through if I keep browsing, which because of the uninspiring shopping experience, is something that rarely happens.


That’s why we at iPaper are on a mission to bring the power of product discovery back to the forefront of your online store through information and inspiration. 


This is how to compete against eCommerce giants like Amazon. They already have the optimal control over selection, logistics and delivery. So we need to think creatively. You can't compete on price, range or delivery, but you can compete on expert knowledge, the buying experience and inspiring your customers.


We want to empower you with the tools to create a more human online store that awakes emotions and captivates consumers through product discovery.


If you'd like to hear more about my thoughts on product discovery and what exactly those iPaper tools are then you're in luck! I'm co-hosting a webinar with Rune, our Chief Success Officer, on 11th June at 14:00 so please sign up below if you'd like to join us.


About the author

Mark S. Rasmussen

Mark S. Rasmussen

Mark is the CEO of iPaper. I come from a technical background and love the intersection between technology and business. Oh, animals too, as long as they're quadrupeds!

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