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How Carrefour MAF creates frictionless shopping journeys across multiple digital channels

Carrefour MAF uses web and mobile integrations to help customers shop fast and conveniently online

United Arab Emirates
of enrichments created in seconds
Carrefour MAF digital catalog.

The whole shopping experience has completely changed since we integrated iPaper."

Ibrahim Shouehne
Digital Production Lead, Omnichannel

To Carrefour MAF, digital catalogs are not just viewed as an alternative to their printed version. But ultimately as a replacement.

Carrefour MAF is one of the largest retailers in the United Arab Emirates and part of Majid Al Futtaim. For them, printed catalogs and leaflets have been a staple for many years. But new digital possibilities, skyrocketing prices on paper and environmental concerns have created incentive for finding alternatives, such as digital catalogs.   

We are currently working to go paperless, and the digital catalog will be the best option to replace traditional printouts in store. Customers can easily scan barcode in-store to be able to view the latest promotions and shop directly from their phones.”

Ibrahim Shouehne, Digital Production Lead, Omnichannel

Carrefour MAF wanted to also improve the online shopping experience while undergoing this transformation. For example by connecting multiple online shopping channels directly with the digital catalog.

Easing friction in multichannel shopping with online integrations

Catalogs are a well known and effective format. Therefore, Carrefour MAF has been ambitious in their integration of the digital catalog on their website and mobile app.

With the goal of creating a smooth customer journey and reduce friction between shopping channels.

We did this great project to be able to increase the CTR, as well as enhance the customer experience, to be the first among all the competitors to come up with such an experience within the promotional leaflet.”

Ibrahim Shouehne, Digital Production Lead, Omnichannel


For example, they embedded the digital catalog directly on the Carrefour MAF website. Meaning that there will be no need for redirections or new tabs.

On top, Carrefour MAF has employed Javascript integration. When shoppers click on an icon in the catalog, the modal that opens pulls information from the product page on the website.

The result is an engaging shopping experience. With product information, all variant possibilities, and related products.

Using Javascript integration, Carrefour MAF has created an experience in the digital catalog where the shopper can browse related products in a single modal.

Mobile app

The number of retailer mobile apps for shoppers are exploding. Carrefour MAF has gotten ahead of the curve and created an intuitive app to browse and buy products.

Using Javascript, Carrefour MAF has also integrated the digital catalog into their mobile app. When clicking products in the digital catalog, shoppers are directed to the product page in the app. In effect, shoppers never have to leave the app to purchase.

Carrefour MAF mobile app with integrated shoppable digital catalogs.

"Add to cart" is key

Carrefour MAF adapted the digital catalog to give shoppers the possibility to shop online however they prefer: Via web or mobile app, without any friction.

Enabling the “Add to cart” feature on the digital catalog on our main platforms, website and mobile app, basically gives shoppers the option to add any product within the leaflet to their cart without the need to go to the main homepage or promotion page.“

Ibrahim Shouehne, Digital Production Lead, Omnichannel

Interactivity elevates the online shopping experience

Carrefour MAF knows that the digital catalog should not just be a flat, non-interactive version of the printed catalog.

Shoppers must be engaged and encouraged to shop. To do so, Carrefour MAF uses shopping icons, product information and direct shopping in the catalog.

We have basically transformed our traditional leaflet into an interactive and a shoppable experience where customers are able to shop their products faster in a convenient way.”

Ibrahim Shouehne, Digital Production Lead, Omnichannel

A dozen regions, one solution

Carrefour MAF operates in multiple regions with catalogs produced several times a month. Their catalog solution needs to allow managing and tracking performance of all the catalogs. As well as support fast and easy creation of interactive elements.

How they do it:

Carrefour MAF uses Enrichment Automation to create hundreds of interactive elements in minutes. By reducing manual enrichment tasks, they save time and free up resources in the digital and design departments.

Visual representation of how Enrichment Automation use data in the PDF to automatically create enrichments, such as videos or shopping icons.

We are now able to manage all our promotions for more than 10 regions in one place and also gain access to track the performance of each and every promotion separately.”

Ibrahim Shouehne, Digital Production Lead, Omnichannel

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