Customer Story


Today, more than 10% of Fleggaard's orders contain items added to the basket from the iPaper catalog."

Brian Klindt

Click&Collect Manager at Fleggaard


All online orders from iPaper

7 minutes

Average time spent reading catalog

100+ catalogs

Across four countries

The Fleggaard group is a market leader in the Danish-German cross-border retail industry. With more than 95% of Danes knowing the brand, Fleggaard is the preferred Danish-German cross-border retailer. But despite its popularity, Fleggaard still wanted to increase customer loyalty and encourage shoppers to buy more. 

To achieve its goal, Fleggaard implemented shoppable digital catalogs extensively across its webshop and online channels. 

Catalogs are a critical element in Fleggaard's marketing stack to attract and retain customers and increase sales in inspirational environments. With a bi-monthly retail brochure promoted across Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Estonia, the aim was to captivate their audience with special offers, promotions, and loyalty rewards. 

"Our customers value both our printed and digital catalogs. They expect them to just be there. However, we see a clear tendency where shoppers increasingly opt out of receiving printed catalogs so accordingly, we see a yearly increase in the number of readers of our digital catalogs. If we didn't have digital catalogs we would lose out to our competitors." said Brian Klindt, Click&Collect Manager at Fleggaard

The online publications were the most visited content on Fleggaard's website. However, they did not generate as much revenue as Fleggaard hoped. 

So why didn't the catalog perform as expected when they had so much traffic? 

Well, it simply wasn't easy enough to shop directly from the catalog. 

Fleggaard had an add-to-basket function in their catalog, which added items to a shopping list. However, customers weren't using the feature as much as Fleggaard would have liked. This was mainly because its set-up didn't allow the readers to easily view the full basket while shopping in the catalogs.

So, Fleggaard wanted a smoother shopping experience. 

They wanted to make it easier to bridge the gap between catalog and webshop.

With iPaper's eCommerce integration, Fleggaard was able to connect products in its digital catalogs with the webshop, keeping everything in one place. Customers can now place orders instantly without ever having to leave the catalog, on any device.


Fleggaard select store

Thanks to the investment, the overall eCommerce experience is much more dynamic. It's easy to add products to the cart, users only have to handle one basket and Fleggaard ensures the customers stay within their universe throughout the process, never disrupting the user experience.

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The iPaper catalogs also help avoid bouncing customers. No longer do shoppers leave because they don't know how to find that very specific catalog product in the webshop. The fewer the clicks, the higher the conversions. 

And, the more people that use the click-and-collect solution, the more profiles Fleggaard gets in its database. This provides Fleggaard with another effective communication channel, email. Using emails, Fleggaard promotes its catalog to retain its existing customers.

We can see that our customers genuinely embrace the online catalog concept, with an average time spent on catalogs of just below seven minutes. Integrating the catalog with our webshop has made things a lot easier for the customers! Now they handle one basket. The integration with iPaper's API worked perfectly." commented Brian.

Fleggaard also uses emails to promote the catalog click-and-collect function. They send trigger emails when people have put items in the basket without finishing the purchase. This has improved the total number of click-and-collect orders. 

We expected that if there was a direct integration with the shopping basket, then the conversion rate and basket size would be better. Today, more than 10% of Fleggaard's orders contain items added to the basket from the iPaper catalog and that is without having done any kind of marketing or explanation of the function to the customers." said Brian. 


fleggaard basket

Not only does the integrated eCommerce solution give customers a better shopping experience, it also eases the daily tasks at Fleggaard. For creating and publishing hundreds of catalogs and ads each year, it's important to have a platform that's easy to work with. 

We have always been happy with iPaper's backend. It's very simple and intuitive. We can easily set up and publish new publications in iPaper. Customer Care is always very helpful and incredibly competent." commented Brian.