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10% of all orders contain products added to basket from the digital catalog

Seamless shopping experience enabling catalog readers to order products directly from the catalog on any device

of all orders contain items added through iPaper
Fleggaard's digital catalog on a tablet. 

"Today, more than 10% of Fleggaard's orders contain items added to the basket from the iPaper catalog."

Brian Klindt
Click & Collect Manager

Fleggaard is a Danish-German cross-border supermarket. Known to many as being the place to go for sales and savings, Fleggaard uses online catalogs as a key component in its click and collect shopping experience.


Both print and online catalogs are a critical element in Fleggaard's marketing stack to attract and retain customers and increase sales across its offline stores. The catalogs are used to enable Fleggaard's click and collect service so shoppers can buy products in their digital basket and collect them from their nearest store.

But, despite being the most visited content on their website, the catalogs were not generating as much revenue as Fleggaard had hoped. They needed to improve the shopping experience within the catalog to ensure customers would not turn to the competition instead.

Our customers value both our printed and digital catalogs. They expect them to just be there. However, we see a clear tendency where shoppers increasingly opt out of receiving printed catalogs so accordingly, we see a yearly increase in the number of readers of our digital catalogs. If we didn't have digital catalogs we would lose out to our competitors."

Brian Klindt, Click & Collect Manager at Fleggaard


With iPaper, Fleggaard has created a more dynamic catalog shopping experience. Using our ecommerce integration, the catalogs are now enriched with shopping links so customers can order directly from the catalog on any device.

Since improving its connection between catalog and online store, Fleggaard's customers no longer have to leave the catalog and look for each specific product on the webshop. The new and improved smooth and seamless shopping journey is intuitive and effortless.


Since transforming it's online catalog experience with iPaper, Fleggaard has:

  • Seen 10% of all online orders contain items added to the basket from the iPaper catalog.
  • Improved its email experience by using iPaper catalogs as the CTA across its email marketing.
  • Retained customers thanks to the effortless shopping experience. 
We can see that our customers genuinely embrace the online catalog concept, with an average time spent on catalogs of just below seven minutes. Integrating the catalog with our webshop has made things a lot easier for the customers! Now they handle one basket.
The integration with iPaper's API worked perfectly. We expected that if there was a direct integration with the shopping basket, then the conversion rate and basket size would be better. Today, more than 10% of Fleggaard's orders contain items added to the basket from the iPaper catalog."
We've always been happy with iPaper's backend. It's very simple and intuitive. We can easily set up and publish new catalogs in iPaper. The customer care team is always very helpful and incredibly competent."


Brian Klindt, Click & Collect Manager at Fleggaard

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