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More than 10% of Fleggaard's online orders come
from their online catalogs

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The Fleggaard group is a market leader in the Danish-German cross-border retail industry. With more than 95% of Danes knowing the brand, Fleggaard is the preferred Danish-German cross-border retailer. But even if you're almost as known as the queen, you still want your customers to become even more loyal and buy more. 

Catalogs are a crucial component for retailers for this purpose. As a place to display weekly offers, promotions, loyalty rewards, and more, and as a way to create brand awareness. With spot-on offers, they can pull customers to their brick-and-mortar stores as well as their online stores.  

Fleggaard uses digital catalogs extensively to do all this. 

In the latter, they are experiencing great success with a direct eCommerce integration between their webshop and their bi-monthly retail catalog. 

Our customers value both our printed and digital catalogs. They expect them to be there. If we didn't have this solution, we would lose out to our competitors. In the online catalogs, we can make more beautiful and inspirational combinations and environments. Our catalogs also give us an opportunity to present better messages than we could do in a webshop."

- Online Coordinator, Brian Klindt


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10 %
Online orders are from iPaper 


7 min.
Avr. spend reading catalog 



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Effective Online Catalog and webshop integration

Fleggaard produces many yearly publications and has more than 800 flipbooks in use, both for bi-monthly retail catalogs and ads in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Estonia. The Fleggaard group has been a valued iPaper customer since 2009 and sees the advantage in implementing new technology.

When your retail catalogs are popular both in print and online, an obvious next step is to look at how to optimize conversions and increase sales. Online orders are what Fleggaard is chasing. As technology evolved to allow for smooth eCommerce integration, Fleggaard wanted to keep up with the changes. Working with iPaper, Fleggaard saw huge potential in the integration of their various digital catalogs with their existing click-and-collect webshop solution.

Aim: to optimize the buying process and make it a lot easier for customers to order online. The upgrade to an integrated eCommerce solution proved more efficient and a better fit for customers. 

Online Coordinator, Brian Klindt explains: 

Our digital catalogs are key for Calle and Fleggaard. We see a clear tendency where Danes increasingly opt out of receiving printed catalogs and accordingly, we see a yearly increase in the number of readers of our digital catalogs. Based on this, among other things, a year ago we switched from the iPaper shopping list to a direct integration between the iPaper catalogs and the basket for our webshop, meaning that the customer could now add to the basket directly from the catalog. This made it a lot easier for the customer! Now they handle one basket. The integration with iPaper's API worked perfectly."

fleggaard basket.png

So, how does it work and what does it look like in real life? 

  • A green shopping icon is placed next to the goods.
  • Click on the icon, and you get a pop-up window with options to add to basket.
  • Choose your preferred item and quantity with a few clicks.
  • Choose the pick up location from among the eight physical stores. You'll get a notification at the top of the website, stating when you can pick up the goods. 
  • When you're finished shopping, click on "order goods"
  • You get a pop-up, where you can choose to log in or continue without a registered profile.
  • Choose pick up time.
  • Confirm the order.

The eCommerce integration provides a seamless shopping experience, and it's one of the most efficient ways to approach the browsing audience where they are. People can place orders instantly without ever having to leave the catalog. 

fleggaard video.png


In a world with lots of options for buying online, you might question the utility of online catalogs. Couldn't customers just settle for webshops without catalogs? Are online catalogs necessary? 

By stepping up to the new technology, Fleggaard is providing customers with the best combination of inspirational catalogs and a smooth shopping experience. Thanks to the improved technology, their overall eCommerce experience is more powerful these days. By allowing shopping directly from their catalogs, Fleggaard avoids disrupting the good user experience. 

The concept of "order now and pay later" is a good sales tactic. As Fleggaard does not offer home delivery, online orders must be picked up and paid for in one of the physical stores. Once there, customers can shop more if they like. 

The more people who use the click-and-collect solution, the more profiles Fleggaard gets in its database, as placing an order online leads you to a sign-up form. While customers don't have to register with their name and email, many do as it gives them access to a favorite list, previous orders, export declaration, and not to forget: more good deals.

This provides Fleggaard with another effective communication channel: email. Here, the company can promote its catalog and retain existing customers.


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More than 10% of Fleggaard's online orders contain items from online catalog

The online catalogs have clearly cemented their popularity and the results speak for themselves: 

We can see that our customers genuinely embrace the online catalog concept, with an average time spent on catalogs of just below 7 minutes. Some of our catalogs have an average time spent of about 8 minutes. And time spent on catalogs is year-round, so it isn't just the Christmas season that increases this number, although, Christmas is, of course, positive in the statistics regarding orders and order value. 

By using the iPaper software, Fleggaard is keeping pace with developments in eCommerce. With the eCommerce integration, they connect products in their digital catalogs with their webshop, keeping everything in one place. Customers can easily access the catalog from any device. With an average time spent on catalogs of close to 7 minutes, customers are clearly endorsing the catalogs. 

The success of this initiative also shows in orders, which have increased by around 10% since the eCommerce flipbook integration.  

Fleggaard has always had an add-to-basket function in their catalog, which added items to a shopping list. To be honest, customers weren't really using the function, so the company pursued a smoother solution to allow customers to shop directly from the catalog. And the eCommerce technology has been a well-regarded improvement. The streamlined order process demands fewer clicks from the catalog-browing audience and has led to an increase in orders. 

Online Coordinator, Brian Klindt explains: 

We expected that if there were a direct integration with the shopping basket, then conversion and maybe also basket size would be better. Today, more than 10% of Fleggaards' orders contain items added to basket from the iPaper and that is without having done any kind of marketing or explanation of the function to the customers. We see it as a clear advantage, as the customers can now start their order in the catalog and add items from the webshop that are not in the catalog.  

avis.fleggaard.dk_DK_2017_Februar2_ (1).png

As more than 10% of all orders contain items added to the basket directly from the iPaper catalog, customers are clearly using the function, showing that the new eCommerce integration has definitely paid off. The whole catalog shopping experience has become smoother, thanks to the direct integration with the webshop basket. The integration also helps avoid bouncing customers, who leave because they don't know how to find that very specific catalog product in the webshop. The fewer the clicks, the higher the conversions. 

We wondered what would happen if we couldn't deliver the eCommerce solution. The answer was clear: Fleggaard would find another provider!   

Fleggaard finds big success with engaging flipbooks

In the first half of 2017, Fleggaard conducted a big, controversial campaign that included six videos with the Danish comedian Casper Christensen, which gained a lot of attention. The campaign was called "Crossing the Line," referring to both crossing the border between Denmark and Germany to shop and also crossing the line regarding behavior (with the actor in some rather unfortunate and compromising situations).  

Fleggaard used their digital catalog as one of the channels for promoting the videos, making the catalogs engaging and entertaining. They embedded a video in an iPaper, where you could click directly to see the movie. 

This was a big success, with an average time spent in the catalog of more than 7 minutes and a total of more than 3 million page views!  


Like any data-driven business, Fleggaard has an interest in how statistics can improve their marketing efforts and help them analyze audience behavior. For this purpose, Fleggaard uses iPaper's statistics to keep an eye on how many readers their digital catalogs get. They have also integrated their Google Analytics with iPaper to track where people come from. 


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Online catalogs provide better tracking ability, and anyone with access to the platform can find out what's working and what's not. This precise tracking makes it easier to improve the forthcoming catalogs, which makes everything more efficient for both the customer and Fleggaard. Fleggaard gets invaluable knowledge about searches, clicks, and items added to basket. They can use this knowledge to continuously improve CTAs, enrichments, and so forth. As the same time, customers get the very best offers, engaging environments, and the smoothest possible shopping experience.

The power and function of  online catalogs has changed dramatically since the early days of eCommerce. Fleggaard is an example of a business using this power and function for maximum benefit. 


Brian Klindt tells us:

The iPaper flipbook also has other functions that we use now and then, like animations. We hope to be able to make more use of these in the future.  

One of the features that Fleggaard uses is forms, to collect new leads. Customers can sign up to receive Fleggaards newsletter.

2017-09-14 14_45_31-Calle GmbH - Side 2  Google Chrome.png


Fleggaard uses email permissions to promote the click-and-collect function. They send trigger emails when people who signed up, put items in the basket without finishing the purchase. This improved the total number of click-and-collect orders. 

Besides promoting via email and displaying their digital catalog on the website, they also post new publications on Facebook each week. Here customers actively engage with comments and Fleggaard can quickly respond. 

iPaper eases daily work

For creating and publishing hundreds of catalogs and ads each year, it's important to have platform that's easy to work with. Brian Klindt explains:  

We have always been happy with iPaper's backend. It's very simple and intuitively, we can easily set up and publish new publications in iPaper. Customer Care is always very helpful and incredibly competent. 

It gets even better:

At Calle.ee (Calle Estonia) we have a more advanced solution, with iPapers API. When a catalog is made in iPaper, it's instantly visible on the website, and this has eased our work considerably. It is definitely something we must implement on our other webshops. 

Not only does the integrated eCommerce solution give customers a better shopping experience, it also eases the daily tasks at Fleggaard. Ecommerce is here to stay, and as long as the competition in the market remains hard, online catalogs will be necessary to gain and retain customers. 

While retailers like Fleggaard must continuously adapt to the demands of the market, iPaper must continuously evolve technologically to help them rise to the challenge.


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