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Koçtaş’ digital catalogs are now end-to-end shopping experiences

With iPaper’s Flipbooks, Koçtaş enables shoppers to browse and add items to their cart directly from the catalog, providing a seamless journey and increasing shopper engagement.

More pages seen per session compared to website
Lower bounce rate than website
Higher avg. time spent than website
Shopping in Koctas' digital catalog.

Having the iPaper catalog connected to our ecommerce store means we're able to show promotions across product categories and let customers shop promotions directly."

Mert Küçükay
Content Marketing Specialist, Koçtaş

Koçtaş is the number one home improvement retailer in Turkey. Partly owned by the Kingfisher group and Koç Holding. Their purpose is to provide ideas and solutions for people to improve their homes and living standards.

In the digital transformation process, Koçtaş started to highlight digital catalogs instead of printed catalogs.”

Mert Küçükay, Content Marketing Specialist at Koçtaş.

Digital catalogs are a key component in Koçtaş’ awareness marketing campaigns. They push the catalog across all digital channels including email, SMS, on the website and social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. By pushing the catalog on social media, Koçtaş has increased the click-through-rate of their campaigns to their website.

Koçtaş advertising the digital catalog in an Instagram Story.

By implementing iPaper’s Flipbook solution, they are driving further value with remarketing based on shopper behavior in the digital catalogs.

We’re integrating Google Tag Manager and our Facebook pixel with iPaper, so we can track shopper behavior from within the digital catalogs. This means we can create better segmentations and remarket to shoppers based on the products they interact with within the catalog.”

Mert Küçükay, Content Marketing Specialist at Koçtaş.

An end-to-end shopping experience

Koçtaş is a big brand in Turkey and our aim is always to give customers the best possible shopping experience. The main benefit of using iPaper is that their Flipbooks are shoppable. Having the catalog connected to our ecommerce store means we're able to show promotions across product categories and let customers shop promotions directly. This provides a seamless journey for our customers.”


On the Koçtaş website, every product category has different pages which shoppers navigate. Digital catalogs allow Koçtaş to showcase all their promotions to shoppers in just one place. Shoppers can get an in-depth experience such as viewing product details, including more product images and videos. They can also add products directly to their basket from the catalog.

Social media: 

On social media and other digital awareness channels, Koçtaş makes shoppers aware that they can both browse and shop promotions directly from the flipbook. To attract both determined shoppers and those just looking for the latest offers.

Koçtaş mobile app with integrated shoppable digital catalogs.

By using iPaper flipbooks, the number of pages of the catalog shoppers see per session is now 3.9x higher than their website. While the bounce rate is 2.2x lower and the average time a shopper spends per session is 1.8x higher than on the website.

Inspirational content is the key

Koçtaş marketing strategy focuses on providing inspirational content and having the right products to guide shoppers through the challenges of maintaining their homes. Catalogs are one of the main platforms for them to showcase all the products from their campaigns.

At Koçtaş, we feel that being inspirational will be a point of difference that positions us as experts in our industry. The digital catalog will be an important part of our strategy in 2022 to share inspirational content with our customers.”

Mert Küçükay, Content Marketing Specialist at Koçtaş.

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