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How BoConcept inspires shoppers to browse

May 19, 2021

Sometimes we want a fast, smooth experience when shopping online. But sometimes we don't. When we're in the mood to browse, we want ideas. We want inspiration. We want to discover what's out there.

When we don't know exactly what we want to buy, we need to see a spark of inspiration and we're away. One image, one product, one colour can set us off on our buying journey. But too many webshops today are focused purely on the sale. There's no inspiration. They're not providing the spark.

So how can today's webshops create the spark? One method is by improving your visual shopping experience. Show your products in use. Don't show them individually on a white background. What's inspiring about that?

With improved visuals across your webshop, you'll visually captivate your visitors, keep them engaged and encourage them to discover your products. In fact, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. So it's never been more important for brands to improve their shopping experience.

A leading example of a retailer with a clear focus on the visual experience is contemporary furniture brand BoConcept

The BoConcept homepage greets shoppers with an inviting selection of header sliders. They act as instant inspiration. As a new visitor to the site, you’re instantly drawn in by the vibrant visuals. The professional, stylish images show that BoConcept is a high-end brand that cares about its products.

If not intrigued by the sliders, visitors can scroll down and get a sneak peek into what’s on offer across the BoConcept website. There’s often a mix of styling advice, trends, a booking link for an interior design meeting and a link to sign up to the newsletter.

BoConcept profile 1 (1)

As a first time visitor this may be quite a lot to take in within the first few seconds of your visit. But what BoConcept does better than most, is it makes you actually want to click around. The website is clearly not simply to buy. It’s a place to browse. A place to look. A place to learn. It wants you to get inspired and discover more. To educate and intrigue you to ensure the brand stays top of mind.

The homepage immediately captures interest. It presents a range of options to start your journey. But throughout the entire website, that encouragement to discover is still ever-present.

Like many brands these days, there’s a dedicated ‘Inspiration’ section. This is where visitors can get styling advice, see the latest trends, read accounts from influencers and get lifestyle tips. There’s recipes, downloadable craft templates and so much more. Using a mix of media, BoConcept clearly knows how to inspire. It knows how to plant ideas in the minds of its visitors.

BoConcept Inspiration screenshot

In fact, across its entire website and social media channels, BoConcept has clearly created an environment to build desire. The visuals elevate the experience by showing visitors what their homes could look like. By showing a collection of products together instead of each individual product one by one, imagination becomes necessity.

What visitors see, they now need.

Visitors who’ve taken the time to get this invested in the brand have clearly made it into the consideration phase of their journey. They’ve seen the price of some items, they know what to expect and they also know they’re paying for quality. The air of sophistication that’s present throughout the website gives the visitor the reassurance that BoConcept is a knowledgable, trustworthy, reliable and quality brand. They want to make sure you get what works best for you. They aren’t simply there to push products and get you to buy. 

And that’s purely the result of its webshop's visual browsing experience.

BoConcept profile 2 (1)

That’s what’s missing from most of today’s webshops. They’re too busy focusing on the sale that they don’t bother to build desire. They don’t think of shoppers as browsing around trying to gain knowledge. They just want to create an easy get in, check out experience.

But in today’s market that’s not going to make you stand out. That’s not going to make you memorable or keep you top of mind.

Shoppers can be hard pressed to part with their well-earned money. But if you can blow them away with the experience, gain their trust and show them something they can’t live without, they’ll be more than willing to pay.

Jo Molloy

Jo Molloy