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How Nakie promotes its brand message & why it's winning

Jan 26, 2021

Hammock and outdoors brand Nakie only has a handful of products. But its straightforward, clear, strong brand positioning and webshop lead the pack.

Nakie has a clear message. It wants to encourage you to “Get naked with nature”. To do that, it’s created the world’s first recycled hammock, and plants 4 trees for every product sold. All three powerful statements are seen instantly on the homepage before you’ve even discovered any products.

Nakie homepage

Shoppers instantly know this is a brand that cares about the environment. Not only does this immediately draw in its target audience, but it evokes a deeper consideration for todays shoppers. Do I want to show that I care about this cause?

The products you buy are an extension of who you are. They tell others what your interests are, what you care about, what you like and who you want to be. Brands give its customers an identity. Are you an Apple or Android user? Do you go to Starbucks or support independent cafes? Are you more Marvel or DC? Even down to the cats vs dogs discussion. Every decision you make adds to your identity.

This is why it’s so important for brands to promote their own identity. Just as every purchase has a message, every brand has a story. There’s a reason why you created that product. There’s a process behind its production. There’s an outcome from its use. So tell your audience that. Use Nakie's format and promote your story from the get go.

In a world full of competition, you need to stand out. If you don’t have the time or resources to improve your webshop experience, at least make sure your message is out there. Brands that have a cause need to remind us why we should care.

If a shopper is browsing and your message catches their eye, then you’ve immediately found your target audience. And we know that no matter how difficult or confusing your webshop may be, if a shopper wants your product, they’ll get it, come hell or high water.

But grabbing attention and sparking emotion with your homepage message is one thing. Turning those homepage shoppers into buyers, is another. Yet Nakie cleverly uses a mixture of lifestyle images, how to videos and customer reviews to aid the shopping journey.

Nakie product photo

Every element of the Nakie webshop adds to its message. It's all about nature. There isn't one product shot on a white background. Its webshop is full of photos showing the products in use that fuel the shopper's imagination. They can start to picture real-life situations where they themselves could the Nakie products.

Its customer reviews also add an element of social proof. And effective social proof, in that they're rated so highly and clearly loved by users. Reviews are prominent across the webshop bringing a sense of community amongst its nature-loving audience.

Nakie review

When you visit a webshop that's so proud of what it believes in, you want to be a part of that club. You want to buy their products to show that you stand for what they do. You want them to become a part of your image and identity.

So, when you have a clear, set message just like Nakie, you'll be able to draw in your audience. Whilst our eyes are caught by visuals, it's our mind that's piqued by words. If you have a message, don't hide it away. Shout your cause. The right people will read it, and want to experience more. And while I might not be in the market for an outdoor hammock just yet, I know exactly where I'll go when I am.

Jo Molloy

Jo Molloy