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40% increase in online catalog sessions and 30x more PDF downloads

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SPAR is a multinational supermarket franchise chain. As a brick and mortar player, SPAR uses its online presence to attract shoppers to its stores and build a loyal audience



For years SPAR Switzerland produced weekly online PDFs to promote special product discounts and offers. The PDF flyers aimed to draw customers into stores thanks to their irresistible deals. But uploading the PDF had simply become a habit and SPAR was no longer seeing any value in its efforts.


So, they needed to improve their catalog experience and find a solution that could be easily measured and easily managed.


“We wanted to find a platform that would enable us to offer something more than just a PDF. We wanted to showcase more of what we offer. We’re not just a place to buy food, we want to inspire your everyday meal ideas. We heard about iPaper from our colleagues in Denmark and we were immediately intrigued.” 


Jürgen Egger

Marketer at SPAR Switzerland



With iPaper, SPAR has completely transformed its weekly discount flyers from a static PDF to an interactive digital catalog.


The catalogs now include:

  • CTAs to articles and recipes to help inspire and engage readers

  • Pop ups so readers can enter their postcode to find their nearest store

  • Direct links to the website via the logo so customers always have the option to discover and read more or get in contact

SPAR Switzerland case


The catalogs now seamlessly encourage shoppers to move further along the customer journey and improve the relationship between customer and brand. Shoppers are now more enticed than ever before to visit their nearest supermarket having been inspired online.


“iPaper is incredibly easy to use. We can easily add links, videos, custom images and other media to the catalogs. We really enjoy working with the platform and, because of its usability, it has helped ease our everyday workload.”


Mika Halbeisen

CEO of Inscript, SPAR Switzerland's digital media agency



Since using iPaper to improve it's online catalogs, SPAR Switzerland has:

  • Increased catalog sessions by 40% per week.

  • Increased catalog downloads to 30x more than ever before.

As an indication of interest and intent to visit a store, catalog downloads is an important statistic to measure for SPAR Switzerland. Online shoppers download the catalog onto their phone and use it in the store to find those exact products and deals. Their record number of weekly downloads currently sits at 497. Before switching to iPaper, downloads were as low as 15 per week.


“In our first six months with iPaper we increased our catalog sessions by 40% per week. This is incredible for us and shows just how important the catalogs are to our customers. They have become an integral part of our marketing activity. We’ve been so impressed with our success so far with iPaper. In such a short space of time we’ve really improved our catalogs and look forward to exploring iPaper’s abilities even more in the future.”


Jürgen Egger

Marketer at SPAR Switzerland


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