“We chose iPaper because we no longer want to just buy into technology, we want a partner that can help us on our digital journey."

Easily get started with iPaper
in just a few steps

1. Upload your PDF
After starting a free trial, you will get immediate access to the platform. The first thing to do is upload a PDF version of one of the catalogs used in your printed promotions.
2. Share your goals
Once you've uploaded your first PDF, a specialist will reach out to try and tailor your trial to your usecase. They will share relevant catalog examples and offer help with your iPaper account.

"By better understanding what you are trying to achieve, we can ensure that you get the most out of your trial experience."

Janne Bjørnæs, Business Development Team Manager

3. Launch your flipbook
All that is left to do is getting your first flipbook live. We'll make sure all the features are well implemented, automation is set up and can even create proof-of-concepts for you to present iPaper internally.

"Sure, we'll help with technical implementations or questions you may have. That's our job. However, our main aim is to build a lasting cooperative relationship with you by combining our expertise with yours."

Rune Alexander Rødbro, Chief Success Officer

Your success is our goal

Our friendly customer care team is ready to help you answer any questions you might have and guide you to success


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What our customers are saying

Leroy Merlin logo
Leroy Merlin
I gave you a 10 because the platform is great, your follow up on the problems too and the support you've given LEROY MERLIN and GROW it's amazing ;)
Bosch logo
Shikha Vivek
Bosch India
Because the customer care team is very supportive, prompt and gives answers to the point
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Nisrine Maati
Fast and precise reply
Toyota logo
Gregory Donge
Easy set up, efficient support team, affordale price = Top level CEX
Alfa Laval logo
Eva Schiller
Alfa Laval
Good product, easy to use, fast and friendly service helped me get started straight away.
Otto's AG logo
Céline Huwyler
Otto's AG
Working with iPaper is easy and the Service is really great.
Avon logo
Marta Fernandez
AVON Brazil
Great tool and a great team behind
Würth logo
Qurra Saleem
Wurth USA
Excellent, efficient, user friendly and profitable. Thanks so much!
Natura logo
The great success comes through great service otherwise a great product can be diminished by a poor service, and if you have both then you are in the path of success, and you are in that direction
L'OREAL logo
L'Oréal Chile
Responses have been quick, team is really supportive
Yves Rocher logo
Leonardo Chavarria
Yves Rocher
Because the response time has been very short and the customer care team has always given me a real solution to our requirements in a clear and polite way.
Grow logo
Francisco Magallón
Excellent service from the Ipaper team