2023 digital catalog review: From one billion sessions to millions of products

February 14, 2024
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Simon E. Pagaard

Is iPaper the biggest, most trusted digital catalog creator?

And are digital catalogs really that popular among shoppers?

Let’s dive into the combined 2023 numbers from all iPaper customers and try to find out!

It’s with good reason that retailers and direct selling companies are investing more and more in digital catalogs.

Research clearly shows that...

1. Shoppers want digital catalogs.

2. They see digital catalogs as the best alternative to print catalogs.

3. Digital catalogs provide a curated shopping experience, something that is currently lacking ecommerce.

Therefore, one would also expect to see a high usage of digital catalogs, right?

To confirm that, and investigate how many digital catalogs and shopping journeys are handled and influenced using iPaper, we've compiled the 2023 numbers for specific key KPIs from all our customers.

Digital catalogs created

The first steps of a digital catalog campaign are often to prepare and publish the digital catalog.

80.000 digital catalogs were created using iPaper in 2023.


Next, the digital catalog should be promoted to generate traffic.

One billion sessions were handled by iPaper in 2023.

(Yes, with a “b”)

Pages viewed

Then, the shopper must find the digital catalog engaging in order to keep browsing.

35 billion pages were viewed in iPaper digital catalogs in 2023.

(Yes, with a “b”)

Products added to basket

Finally, the shopper – if they find something interesting – will show buying intent by adding products to the basket.

200 million products were added to iPaper basket in 2023.


In general, these numbers correlate with what the research shows:

Digital catalogs are an important format for shoppers.

From a billion sessions to 200 million products added to basket, it’s clear that shoppers want digital catalogs, their functionality and what they bring to the online shopping experience.

But… is iPaper the biggest, most trusted digital creator?

To be fair, it’s hard to say for sure without such numbers being available for the market in general.

What we can say for sure is that iPaper is trusted by thousands of companies, and we facilitate a staggering amount of traffic and conversions for retailers, direct selling companies and B2B businesses.

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