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15 Jun 2017

Best Free Icon Collection for Digital Flipbooks (2300+ Icons, Preloaders, Backgrounds & Illustrations)

This blog post about the best free icon collection is a 4-minute read.

Whenever you are making a digital flipbook (or a website for that matter), you need some good looking icons.

Icons are essential for our online experience. Some are universal and instantly recognizable as representing a brand, product or message without using any words. We all know the shopping basket and the print icon, right? 

As you've probably noticed there are a ton of different ones online. Some are free and some are not. You can find some really nice free icons - if you know where to look. 

Great news: to save you some time and spare you the hassle, I've done the job for you. Get them here: 


Download the Best Free Icon Collection here


You will get a total of 2300+:

  • icons
  • preloaders
  • backgrounds
  • illustrations 
  • Example of a GIF CTA

 All gathered in a zip-file ready to download - for free and ungated. 


This free icon collection is meant as a toolkit of inspiration for you - especially when you start designing your digital flipbook. 


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Show the preloaders to your graphic designer, if you want something similar to your brand's logo, colors or personal touch. 




 Example of a preloader in this best free icon collection toolkit


 Download the Best Free Icon Collection here


Why use icons?

Everywhere you will see icons. They are a big part of the online navigation. Claromentios writes that research has shown that icons, when used correctly, can enhance the usability, be easily remembered, and improve the design of web pages or software being used. 

This also applies to digital flipbooks. 

According to the infographic website Visme, 90% of the information we process in our brain is visual. 70% of our sensorial receptors are placed in our eyes. We remember 80% of visual content, 20% of written content and only 10% of what we hear. 

So get going with the visuals!  

 Future woman with cyber technology eye panel concept.jpeg



If you use icons incorrectly they can confuse the viewers and make them interact differently than intended. 

Icons should help the navigability for the user. Not the opposite.

Don't use symbols that are unclear in their expression or intention. A good way of helping the viewer comprehend the symbols is by adding a text label where applicable. This especially applies, when the symbol is not universally understood. 

Use icons to enhance the user experience of your digital flipbooks. Examples: 

  • Insert a visible shopping basket if you have e-commerce integration
  • Insert a download symbol on downloads. Like this:

Download the Best Free Icon Collection here

  • Insert a + for opening up a window of more text, images, etc. 
  • Use a camera icon for indicating photos
  • Use social media icons

Icons should help the user easily identify, which action to take. When used correctly, icons, in combination with written content will improve usability - as well as the design of your publication. 

When using a flipbook platform, like iPaper, you can easily incorporate these tips when you create online brochures. 

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In their Spring/Summer 2017 catalog, POMP DE LUXE uses the GOTS and OEKO-TEX icons to inform that these products are made from organic cotton. 





bedre bad.png

From above example, you can see how BEDRE BAD incorporates icons with text, to help their readers to a better navigation. 

The hand has the text "Go to..."

The plus: "Read about the product"

Play-icon: "start the movi2

Shopping Icon: "go to web shop"

List-icon: "add to shopping list".



You can also do as SKODA and use highly visible green icons (sliding in on the flipbook). Here a camera, showing a bigger picture when you click on it. A play icon starting a video. And a hand icon, where you jump to the page written in the text. 



The interior company Kid Interior uses shopping cart icons to show you can buy this product directly from the digital flipbook. 

They also use the Green Swan symbol, which is the Nordic ecolabelling. 

2017-06-14 14_20_53-Kundeavis uke 23-24.png


Stanhome Italy uses the universal social icons on the front page of their digital flipbook to direct viewers to their various channels. 



5 Cool examples of preloaders in digital flipbooks

Let's move on to preloaders. Preloaders are used for branding your company while the full file is loaded in the computer's memory. Use this loading time wisely to brand your company or make a memorable impression with your audience. 


HI-FI Klubben usually has some really cool GIF preloaders on their digital flipbooks: 





The home improvement retailer, BYGMA, is really good a using GIF preloaders matching the content of their catalogs. Here are a few examples from their previous catalogs: 

Flags for their birthday catalog: 



A preloader showing they are the proud sponsors of the national handball team:


For more inspiration on how to use GIF's for business - read here »



You don't have to use GIF's as a preloader. Go simple if it fits your company style better.

The UK-based furniture store Fishpools uses a static picture of their logo, as a preloader for their digital flipbook. 

2017-06-14 14_51_01-Mid Season Style 2017.png


Billund Airport uses the preloader to promote their "Shop & Collect": 




Use icons and preloaders to expose your potential customers of better navigation and brand awareness in combination with your other visual as well as written content of your online magazine, catalogs, brochures, annual reports and so forth. 

Icons can put a hook in the consumer and make the conversion to the purchase. Give consumers something to interact with. Make it easy for them to navigate in your digital flipbooks. 

Haven't downloaded the toolkit yet? 

Well, don't worry. Just click here to instantly download. 

Download the Best Free Icon Collection here


And we have more for you. 


Free iPaper account 


Thanks for reading. 

Leave me a comment, if you are looking for more free items, and I will see, what I can do. 

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