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Powerful promotions with dynamic pricing

POWER uses iPaper to ensure its competitive prices are automatically updated throughout its digital flipbooks

Minutes between updates
POWER's digital catalog. 

iPaper is trustworthy and dependable, allowing us to be confident that all prices are consistent across our stores, website and digital flipbooks.

Joakim Sigvardt
Ecommerce Manager

A dynamic market needs dynamic prices

Leading consumer electronics retailer POWER is known throughout Scandinavia for matching and reducing prices to beat its competitors. Its dynamic pricing model means prices can update every 15 minutes.

With weekly promotions to attract customers to both store and website, POWER has long relied on campaign leaflets. Like many retailers, POWER continues to find that both the printed leaflet and digital flipbook format is highly effective at driving customers to its stores and webshop.

It's a way for them to inspire consumers and spark their unknown wants and desires for new products and great offers in an exciting and recognizeable format.


But, manually updating the digital flipbook multiple times a day to fit its promise of competitive prices wasn't an option. Prices have the potential to change every 15 minutes and regular, manual edits of the flipbook would use up too much time and manpower. So, POWER needed to find a solution that could facilitate its dynamic pricing model.

Our business is built around customers getting POWER prices. Our prices are competitive and match, no matter if you're buying in-store or online. To use our printed promotions leaflet online, we needed to find a system that could update prices automatically. iPaper has proved to be the perfect solution for us."

Joakim Sigvardt

Ecommerce Manager at POWER Denmark

Solution: A price-focused browsing experience

Using iPaper's fast and agile solution, POWER has created an engaging, browsing experience for its digital audience. With flipbooks full of products at the best possible prices, shoppers are keen to keep reading and looking for products and prices that stand out.

Step 1:

To turn the PDF into the more attractive digital flipbook, POWER adds images, videos and animated "buy" buttons automatically. Since including animations, POWER has actually doubled its click-through rate.

Step 2:

Then, to ensure prices are regularly updated, iPaper connects to POWER's price database. Every 15 minutes the database is refreshed, allowing iPaper to automatically scan the data feed, and update any new prices within the flipbook accordingly.

"iPaper is trustworthy and dependable, allowing us to be confident that all prices are consistent across our stores, website and digital flipbooks.” said Joakim.

Prices are automatically updated in the flipbook using POWER's dynamic pricing model

With dynamic pricing, POWER can stay ahead of the competition and ensure customers across all  channels are presented with the best price possible. It gives POWER a competitive edge, and, by promoting its pricing model, makes sure consumers know the value POWER brings.

We’ve found that traffic coming through our digital flipbooks has a high conversion rate and relies religiously on the format. That’s why we use iPaper so prominently across our digital channels. We want to present the flipbook straight away so shoppers can easily find it and check out our competitive prices.”

Joakim Sigvardt

Ecommerce Manager at POWER Denmark

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