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Top retailers and brands increase demand and sales with iPaper

iPaper powers over 1,200 retailers and brands with solutions to improve product promotion and grow sales.





Jysk Catalog



Printed flyer effect maximized online

JYSK automates the entire process from the moment the print version is uploaded to the publishing of the online catalogs. This enables JYSK to create tailored online catalogs for 27 markets automatically.



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1 million sessions averaging 4 minutes spent in the digital catalog

Yves Rocher has transformed its PDFs into interactive shoppable catalogs. They now offer a mobile-first catalog experience that's enriched with product videos, shopping links and WhatsApp checkout.



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4.1x more conversions with improved online promotions

Working with both iPaper Display and Flipbooks, Rossmann has not only transformed its promotions tactics, but also improved the flexibility of its ecommerce team. 



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Powerful promotions with dynamic pricing

POWER uses iPaper to ensure its competitive prices are automatically updated throughout its digital flipbooks.



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Cristian Lay Asset





Unlimited number of digital catalogs for 1% of the printing cost

Cristian Lay has reinvented their catalogs through mobile-first shoppable flipbooks. They now offer a better shopping experience for customers and has improved the way its representatives run their business.


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40% increase in digital catalog sessions and 30x more downloads

SPAR has completely transformed its weekly discount flyers from a static PDF to an interactive digital catalog. Shoppers are now more enticed than ever before to visit their nearest supermarket having been inspired online.



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18% reader increase and sales boost with WhatsApp catalog checkout

Stanhome has created mobile-first shoppable catalogs. Customers can now add products to their in-catalog basket as they browse. Then, when ready to checkout, they can send that basket to their local sales rep over WhatsApp.   



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22% increase in conversion rate with onsite promotion banners

Thanks to the intuitive promotion banner editor, Bog & Idé can build campaigns fast. Using their shopping feed, promotion banners that convert visitors to customers can be designed and published within 20 minutes.



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Fleggaard Catalog



10% of all orders contain products added to basket from the digital catalog

Fleggaard has created a more dynamic catalog shopping experience. Using iPaper's ecommerce integration, their catalogs are now enriched with shopping links so customers can order directly from the catalog on any device.



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Increased sales and reduced bounce rate with onsite promotion banners

Pixizoo uses promotion banners to expose shoppers to more products in an inviting and inspiring way. No longer does Pixizoo have to rely on intrusive pop ups to push promotions. 



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Display Illustration



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