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4.1x more conversions with improved online promotions

Working with both iPaper Display and Flipbooks, Rossmann has not only transformed its promotions tactics, but also improved the flexibility of its ecommerce team. 

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Rossmann's digital catalog on a tablet. 

"Thanks to iPaper, we can now present our monthly and weekly promotions in a more interactive format and we're incredibly impressed by the results."

Didem Kalkan
Ecommerce Operations Manager

Rossmann is one of the largest drug store chains in Europe with over 4,000 stores across the continent. It offers a wide range of products from healthcare to skincare and beauty.

Every month Rossmann runs product promotions to drive shoppers to their stores. Like many brands, these promotions are presented in a printed catalog that encourages shoppers to buy in-store. But, Rossmann faced the challenge of how to present these promotions online.

"We knew we needed to improve the way we show off our promotions. We wanted to find a more exciting and interactive format. But we needed a solution that wouldn't take us too much time to manage or involve too many departments every month."

Didem Kalkan, Ecommerce Operations Manager

With iPaper, Rossmann has significantly improved the effect of its online promotions. Customers are more engaged than ever before and Rossmann now uses its promotions more tactically across its webshop.

Creating interactive monthly catalogs

Previously, the Rossmann team simply uploaded a PDF of its monthly print catalog online to cater to its online audience. But with iPaper Flipbooks, Rossmann creates a shoppable catalog that's designed to turn readers into customers. The catalogs are now the engaging and interactive experience that Rossmann was aiming for.

"With iPaper we can add moving images, videos, pop ups and animations to bring our catalogs to life. And, with iPaper's ecommerce features, shoppers can now add products to the catalog basket as they browse. We've enabled three in-catalog checkout options to give our shoppers complete freedom in their shopping journey. It's an incredible improvement from our previous PDF catalog experience."

Didem Kalkan, Ecommerce Operations Manager

Shoppers can checkout instantly via the webshop, or send their basket items to a friend or relative over WhatsApp or email

Weekly campaigns designed to convert

With its new and improved iPaper Flipbooks, Rossmann had transformed its monthly promotions. But now came the challenge of how to promote its weekly offers. Not wanting to spend time creating a catalog every week, Rossmann turned to iPaper Display.

Published on the homepage, the Display promotion banner instantly engages homepage visitors with the weekly deals and discounts. And, to encourage shoppers further along their buying journey, Rossmann also promotes its catalogs within the Display.  

Rossmann’s Displays attract visitors and promote products directly on the homepage

"Working with both iPaper products has significantly improved the performance of our homepage. We wanted to offer a range of modern digital shopping experiences for our customers that would encourage them to browse through our promotions. Thanks to iPaper, we can now present our monthly and weekly promotions in a more interactive format and we're incredibly impressed by the results."

Didem Kalkan, Ecommerce Operations Manager

User-friendly, innovative platform built for success

Working with both iPaper Display and Flipbooks has not only transformed Rossmann's homepage and promotions tactics, but it's also improved its internal team management and decision-making process.

"Thanks to iPaper's intuitive platform and incredible support team, we're able manage both Display and Flipbooks entirely within our ecommerce team. This has improved our flexibility and speed to market.

Didem Kalkan, Ecommerce Operations Manager

And with iPaper's statistics module and integration with Google Analytics, we can easily track customer behavior and make informed decisions around the shopping experiences we provide."

Didem Kalkan, Ecommerce Operations Manager

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