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Improve your Facebook campaigns





Like most ecommerce businesses, you probably put a lot of time and money into paid Facebook ads. You want to attract an audience that's not specifically looking to buy. You simply want to peak their interest. But whilst Facebook ads great at driving traffic to your store, if you lead that traffic to a static landing page of product grids, all your efforts go to waste.


You need to build a conversion point that inspires, excites and attracts. It's time to put your focus into converting your traffic, not just acquiring it. 



With iPaper, you can create a conversion point for your Facebook ads that immediately grabs attention. Link directly to a catalog or product promotion banner full of enticing visuals and products that your audience simply can't resist. 


Whether you want to promote your latest range, exclusive savings or themed campaigns, by using iPaper as your ad conversion point, you'll create a frictionless and engaging customer experience from the get-go. 



When you use iPaper to enhance your Facebook ads, you'll see an increase in conversions thanks to the improved customer journey. Because you're providing a direct link to a channel designed for browsing, you'll provide a more personalized shopping experience that will reduce your bounce rate and boost engagement across your online store. 



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