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Maximize your catalog promotion across social media

Online catalogs are a flexible format that can appeal to multiple audiences. That's why they're such a successful tool to promote across social media. Whether it’s for those who regularly shop for deals and discounts, or those who want a spark of inspiration, your catalog is a recognizable format that keeps shoppers engaged. When it comes to social media promotion, there are two approaches; paid and organic. We’ve put together some examples to show you exactly how leading brands across the world use social media tactics to promote their catalogs.

Close up of a person holding a tablet showing a social media post by a company. The post contains and add for furniture within the digital catalog.

Paid campaigns

Whilst there are many different approaches to paid ad campaigns, the goal often remains the same - drive online traffic to your website.

But using your online catalog is more engaging than simply linking to a grid of products. A catalog shows products in context and inspires unknown customers to browse.


Bauhaus Denmark uses a carousel to promote its catalogs along with selected discounted products to catch shoppers' eyes.

A picture of a paid carousel advertisement with text and images from a DIY company. Shows a call-to-action to a digital catalog.


Aldi Portugal highlights its catalog across its paid Instagram ads. Showing the catalog in such a clear, vibrant image makes it instantly recognizeable.

A picture of a paid Instagram advertisement. The picture contains lots of green and outdoor products along with a catalog.

Organic posts

Organic posts are ideal to keep your loyal followers up to date on your product news and offers. For many, it may be their go to channel to access your catalog. So, whenever you publish a new catalog, make sure to share the link on your owned channels.


Yves Rocher Italia posts its latest catalogs across its owned channels. This keeps fans up to date and excited to engage.

A picture of an organic post on Instagram. The left shows  catalog on a marble background. The right is text and social media interactions.


Jysk UK promotes its catalog across Facebook and includes an incentive to encourage shoppers to act straight away.

A picture of a Facebook ad with both text advertising deals and savings, along with a picture of a catalog.

Want to see a real-world example?

Check out how Koctas promotes their digital catalog here.

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