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Promote themed catalogs: From Christmas to Valentine's

A table with gifts, pine cones, Christmas decorations and a tablet showing the front page of a digital catalog Christmas collection.


Every ecommerce brand knows the importance of creating themed campaigns around annual holidays and celebrations.

Whether it's Back to School, Valentine's Day, Summer Sale or Black Friday, marketing teams put a huge amount of time and effort into creating assets for each occasion, be it catalogs, banners and more.

But, despite all this effort, most brands then hide these campaign assets away where customers can rarely find them.

To draw attention and interest to your campaigns, you need to put them front and centre of your online store and highlight them across all paid and owned channels.


Use your online catalogs to promote your campaigns and tailor them to suit your theme. Use a selection of products and visuals, like photos and videos, to encourage customers to engage and insert product links directly into your campaigns so shoppers can immediately act on their inspiration.

Here's an example of the Danish retailer Sinnerup's yearly Christmas catalog:

You can then promote your catalogs across your online store, social media and email newsletter to name a few. Highlight your catalog on your homepage or link directly to a promotion banner from a Facebook ad.

Tweaking the catalog

One thing is designing your digital catalog for a specific holiday, but you can also add a themed or seasonal touch directly on top of your digital catalogs with custom scripting!


For Christmas, you could add some coziness with snow peacefully drifting across your themed catalog.

Learn how to do it.

Valentine's Day

For St. Valentine's Day, you could add hearts on top of your digital catalog with Custom Scripting.

Learn how to do it.


By promoting your holiday and themed catalogs and campaigns, you'll see an increase in campaign views, product views and conversions. If you attract your customers through your catalog, you can reduce your bounce rate and see an increase in overall webshop engagement.

When you take the time to improve your customer journey and make more of an impact with your marketing efforts, you'll provide a more logical, inspirational and effective shopping experience.

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