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Maximizing online effect of JYSK's printed flyer

JYSK automates the entire process from the moment the print version is uploaded, to the publishing of the online catalogs.




Jysk Catalog



JYSK is a global retailer with more than 2,500 stores, 22,000 employees and a growing ecommerce setup

The printed flyer promoting weekly offers is one of the best-known marketing formats in retail. It has the proven effect of providing a massive reach and brand exposure offline, but the format is equally powerful as an online marketing asset.






iPaper enables JYSK to use its printed flyer online to stay top-of-mind and drive people to their stores - both physical and online.



"The iPaper platform and its infrastructure ensure we can easily and without any complexity publish online catalogs in 27 markets each week."


Kasper Fabricius Dorby

Head of Digital Marketing, JYSK



Engaging more shoppers to buy


A key focus in retail is scaling the number of potential buyers. JYSK's main tactic top-funnel is to push weekly offers that inspire more consumers to engage with its offerings. By using its printed leaflet online, JYSK ensures it's maximizing the performance of its online distribution channels and increasing reach.


JYSK actively shares the catalogs in its newsletter and social channels to inspire and engage more shoppers to buy. In order to maximize performance of the catalogs, JYSK includes CTAs that enable the readers to purchase items directly from the catalog.



Checkout their online catalogs



JYSK make sure to add additional inspiration and product information to engage and encourage more potential shoppers to buy when browsing. They use iPaper features to convert readers into newsletter subscribers and guide them to their nearest physical store. In addition, to ensure they're always improving, JYSK uses iPaper's statistics to monitor performance and analyze how readers interact with the catalogs.



"We're known for our great offers and our main focus is to distribute them to a broad audience each week. With iPaper we can offer a great user experience for the digital shopper and increase our presence online by always providing a reason to check out new offers."


Kasper Fabricius Dorby

Head of Digital Marketing, JYSK



Automating the entire process from print to shoppable online catalog


Going from print to digital should not be a time-consuming operation that uses a lot of resources from your team. Manually enriching catalogs with links and animated shop icons for a company like JYSK would require minimum 60 hours per week



Jysk use case




iPaper automates the entire process from the moment the print version is uploaded, to the publishing of the online catalogs. This enables JYSK to create tailored online catalogs for each market automatically. JYSK's catalogs are automatically uploaded to iPaper from their print distributor via API. iPaper's scheduling setup then publishes the catalogs online with an updated image and link on the website.


Branding, design and setting up CTAs and shop icons in the catalogs are automatically made by combining data available in their print version with data feeds from JYSK. Tracking links on all products are then added automatically to make sure JYSK can monitor how each product performs. Finally, iPaper benchmarks show that using animated CTAs in your online catalogs can triple your conversion.


Additionally, because JYSK doesn't have to spend much time preparing or publishing its online catalogs, the digital team can focus on how to attract and convert even more shoppers with online catalogs front and center of their marketing tactics.



"iPaper has a strong position in the market for online catalogs and they are constantly focusing on optimizing features and highlighting business opportunities for customers like us."


Kasper Fabricius Dorby

Head of Digital Marketing, JYSK


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