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03 Dec 2018

Get inspired by these online catalog examples

How do you get the most out of your online catalogs?    

From driving traffic to equipping on-the-road sales teams, there are countless ways online catalogs can be used. They're a valuable and powerful marketing tool that offer a unique and memorable experience for customers.

But what are you trying to achieve? 

To inspire you and show you the full potential of your catalog, I've put together a few examples of the different ways our customers and brands are using and maximizing their online catalogs. 

#1 Drive traffic to your webshop

#2 Create an inspirational commerce experience 

#3 Curate an interactive online magazine

#4 Influence on-the-road sales

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#1 Drive traffic to your webshop


Driving traffic to a webshop is a key goal for most of our customers and is an effective way to increase brand engagement. But it's not the easiest thing to do. 

By creating an online catalog that links directly to your webshop, visitors will be encouraged to explore and find out more about your brand. If your catalog is public, anyone may be able to find it so it's vital that it not only represents your brand identity, but showcases what you have to offer in a captivating setting.

Ex.t has designed a commerce catalog that showcases its products in a stylish, simple design. Not only can you view the products in a real-life setting, you can also click on them and then be taken to that specific product page on the webshop. 


Including a direct link to your webshop gives the customer a more intuitive and smooth experience. For new customers its important to impress, so you should always keep them in mind. A impressive catalog makes an impressed customer. 

#2 Create an inspirational commerce experience


Inspirational commerce is only going to get bigger so, it's time to get on board.

As shown by Ex.t, online catalogs are a powerful commerce tool and deliver an interactive shopping experience to customers. The typical grid style display with products shown on a white background is no longer cutting it for customers. They want more.

By being more flexible, using lifestyle images, captivating videos and an on-brand overall design, brands can compose the ultimate online commerce catalog. 

Lifestyle images that show products in use not only show customers how the products work, but gives them an idea of the size, shape, design, fit and where it may look best. They give so much more information to the customer than the usual product shot, creating a more in-depth shopping experience.

BoConcept, Denmark's leading furniture retailer, has really embraced inspirational commerce and created a truly immersive and engaging catalog. They've harnessed all aspects of what it takes to make a memorable customer shopping experience and adopted to the ever-changing needs of the online shopper.


Not only can inspirational catalogs appeal to the customers aesthetic, but they can encourage more sales by housing the entire commerce journey within the catalog. Through adding enrichments, brands can allow customers to add products to the basket as they flick through and pay for them at the checkout, all without leaving the catalog. 

#3 Curate an interactive online magazine


Magazines are not only a way for brands to announce their latest products or trends, but they offer exclusive compelling content that is not directly aimed at selling. Loyal customers enjoy reading interesting, relevant articles that don't push sales but talk generally about a given topic, offers advice or insight and creates an intimate experience.

Nordstrom, the American department store giant, has taken its online magazine that step further and added shoppable content. On select items, the reader can hover over the outfit, find product info and price and add the item to their basket.  


The artful design and presentation, ease of use and collection of compelling articles provides customers with the ability to shop whilst they read. Online magazines are incredibly popular and give brands a unique platform to control and own. Nordstrom has really embraced this feature and is reaping the rewards.

#4 Influence on-the-road sales


Many companies continue to rely on on-the-road sales teams to reach their customers. Online catalogs for these brands are a valuable resource.

Not only does it reduce the need for paper, but it allows salesmen to help customers buy products then and there. They can even directly send customers the catalog so they have all the information they could possibly need in an easy to use document.

KJV, one of Denmark's largest suppliers of machinery, use its online catalogs to support its sales teams all over the country. They've organised their products into over 445 catalogs. But if a sales person needs something specific, they can use the search function to simply track the product down in seconds (so much easier than trying to find the page in a print catalog).


By utilizing online catalogs in this way, KJV brings a complete and intimate sales experience to its customers. Just by simply organizing their catalogs in a database, they're ensuring their salesmen are well equipped and good to go!

We hope we've inspired you and given you some ideas of what you can do with your online catalogs. If you'd like to know more about how you want to get the most out of your online catalog, get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

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