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10 online catalog examples you can get inspired by

We've put together 10 examples of how big brands - from supermarkets, direct selling and everything in between - are using and maximizing their online catalogs!

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How do you get the most out of your online catalogs?

From driving traffic to equipping on-the-road sales teams, there are countless ways online catalogs can be used. They're a valuable and powerful marketing tool that offer a unique and memorable experience for customers.

But what are you trying to achieve with YOUR online catalog?

To inspire you and show you the full potential of your catalog, we've put together a few examples of the different ways our customers are using and maximizing their online catalogs.

#1 Direct selling - Tupperware

An uninterrupted buying journey on the shopper’s terms: Check out the digital catalog from Tupperware!

This digital catalog invites the shopper to browse, be inspired and – in the end – buy in an easy, seamless manner.


- With carefully crafted layouts and product pictures
- Making the catalog available directly on their website
- By reducing external links and redirections with integrations to their ecommerce store

#2 Supermarkets - Fleggaard

Fleggaard, a Danish supermarket chain, uses its online catalogs to highlight weekly deals and bargains. Shoppers can access the catalog directly from the website homepage and it's also emailed out to newsletter subscribers.

Once inside the catalog, shoppers can add products to their basket and easily checkout in the webshop.

The catalogs are easy to navigate, the products are easy to see and the basket icon is clearly placed throughout.

The style of the catalog is very straight-forward and reflects the brand and the physical store.

Read more about Fleggaard's online catalogs here.

#3 Cosmetics - Hinode Group

Not only is Hinode's digital catalog beautiful and engaging…..

It also has iPaper’s new checkout experience enabled!

Now, the cart and checkout are:

- More prominent

- Simpler to get an overview of

- Easier to check-out from

This emphasizes the importance of checking out in digital catalogs – which means converting more readers!

#4 Direct selling - Yanbal

Track performance by specific representatives and compensate accordingly: Check out the digital catalog from Yanbal!

Yanbal is a beauty and cosmetics direct selling company with many representatives.

Therefore, it’s beneficial to track traffic and revenue generated by specific representatives in the digital catalog. Then, they can ensure proper recognition and compensation of their representatives.

On top, Yanbal has created a stunning catalog with pictures, animations and multiple checkout options, email and WhatsApp.

#5 B2B - Ken Storkøkken

Doubling down on inspiring content in B2B: Check out this digital catalog from KEN storkøkken a/s

As a B2B kitchen and kitchen appliances company from Denmark, Ken Storkøkken sell all the pieces needed to lay the puzzle that is creating a aesthetic and functional kitchen.

And a great way to present individual products that are part of a larger context is with an aethestic and functional digital catalog.

So, they…

- Use lots of videos and animations

- Place them at strategic positions to catch your eye

The result is an absolute page-turner of a digital catalog!

#6 Electronics - POWER

POWER, part of Expert Group, has tailored their digital catalog perfectly to the electronics buying journey:

- A heavy focus on price and deals

- External links to products

- Required energy labelling

Read more about POWER's digital catalogs here.

#7 Interior design - Madam Stoltz

Doubling down on inspiration to create a page-turn effect: Check out the digital catalog from Madam Stoltz!

As an interior design and decoration company from Denmark, their digital catalog perfectly aligns their values, mission and aesthetic with the products.

In effect, they have created an absolute page-turner of a digital catalog.


- By telling a story before showing any products
- Showing the products in beautiful setting
- Providing extra product information, more images and related products

#8 Kids' art supplies - Creativ Company

When creativity and catalogs go hand in hand: Check out the digital catalog from Creativ Company!

As a retailer of art supplies for kids and hobbyists, Creativ Company’s digital catalog is naturally packed with inspiring products, videos and ideas.

On top, they’re bringing parts of the website experience into the digital catalog with pop-up frames when clicking product icons.


- To display product information, pictures and related products.
- To create a direct checkout to their webshop.
- To be able to quickly adjust product price and stock without editing the catalog.

#9 Retail and decoration - Sinnerup

How does Sinnerup create Christmas catalog coziness?

Sinnerup has created a beautiful, well-designed catalog that is just perfect to browse through on the couch, covered by a warm blanket, and with a hot cup of chocolate.

And, if you find the product that makes Christmas even better, you're just two clicks away from buying it on Sinnerup’s website.

#10 Supermarkets - Sorli

Sorli, a Spanish supermarket chain, uses Javascript to create a world-class buying experience in their digital catalog.

Javascript allows Sorli to:

- Recommend additional products and provide extra information

- Create new discounts in the otherwise fixed digital catalog

- Eliminate disturbing redirections and new tabs opening

We hope we've inspired you and given you some ideas of what you can do with your online catalogs. If you'd like to know more about how you want to get the most out of your online catalog, get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

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