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Pricing for Shoppable Flipbooks

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Commerce Light

2.200 DKK

1.980 DKK






50.000 sessions / mo

Activate browsing shoppers with engaging interactive catalogs

Highlighted features: 

  • Enrichment editor 
  • Product links
  • Branded domain



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Enrichment Automation Included

Commerce PLUS

4.925 DKK

4.440 DKK






100.000 sessions / mo

Automate the process of creating shoppable digital catalogs

Highlighted features: 

  • All Light features
  • Enrichment automation 
  • Shop integration
  • Personal onboarding


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10.750 DKK

9.670 DKK






1.000.000+ sessions / mo

Access to all iPaper features, custom automation and advanced shop functionality

Highlighted features:

  • All Plus features
  • iPaper Display 
  • Multi-brand support
  • Success Manager


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102.195 DKK

91.975 DKK






10.000.000 sessions / mo

Unfold the power of digital catalogs across your global operations

Highlighted features:

  • All Enterprise+ features
  • iPaper Display
  • 50 Branded domains
  • On-site account setup


Only sold on annual commitment


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  Commerce Light Commerce Plus Enterprise+
iPaper FlipbooksAmount of flipbooks available
 1.000 1.000 1.000
iPaper Display accessExtend your website campaign tactics with iPaper Display promotion banners
€135 /mo €135 /mo Included
iPaper SessionsNumber of monthly sessions for flipbooks and Display banners included
50.000 100.000 1.000.000+
Branded domain HTTPSPresent your flipbooks on your own domain
 1 included 1 included 5 included
Customer Care
Self Service Help Center
Omni-channel Support (chat / email / phone)
Personal onboarding
Implementation specialist
Customer Success
Essential Customer Success
On-request user training
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR)
Enrichment automation
Automatically add enrichments e.g. shop and product links, to your flipbooks
  1 included Multiple
Automatic processingAutomatic daily update of selected flipbooks
  5 included 20 included
Publication periodSet up your flipbooks to only be accessible in a limited period of time
SchedulingSetup a schedule to present the newest version of your flipbook on a static URL
FTP upload Automatically convert your PDFs into flipbooks from a monitored FTP folder
€65 /mo €65 /mo
External linksPlace a link on the products in your flipbook to their product page on your online store
Online store popup frameOpen your online store on top of your flipbooks to allow visitors to buy, without sending them away from your catalog
Product Detail View
In-catalog checkoutAllow catalog visitors to add products to a shopping basket directly in your flipbook
WhatsApp checkoutAllow users to send content of their shopping basket over WhatsApp
Email checkoutCollect customer information and send basket content as order via email
Shop export (XML)Send basket content as a XML file for integration with your online store or other systems
JavaScript IntegrationEmbed the catalog on your site and add products directly to the shopping basket of your online store
Flipbook Add-ons
FormsCreate forms in your flipbooks to be filled in by the user
NewstickerLoop messages or Calls-To-Action in the bottom of your flipbooks
PopupsAdd popups in your flipbooks and on your website
€65 /mo €65 /mo €65 /mo
Build-A-FlipbookAllow your visitors to select pages from your flipbook to create their own custom flipbook
€65 /mo €65 /mo €65 /mo
Built-in statisticsGet rich insights in the performance of your flipbooks. Fx. session count, time spend, conversions, revenue etc.
Heatmap See how your readers interact with your content via heatmap
Google AnalyticsTrack performance of your flipbooks in Google Analytics
Adobe AnalyticsTrack performance of your flipbooks in Adobe Analytics
Marketing Integrations
Facebook tracking pixel
Facebook Tracking Pixel allows for retargeting via Facebook
AdformAdd your client ID to remarket to your flipbook readers with Adform
Google AdsAdd your Conversion ID to remarket to your flipbook readers with Google Ads
HubspotDisplay flipbook views on known contacts timeline in Hubspot
Tracking pixels
Set a standard tracking pixel, and use it in your remarketing tactics
Google Tag ManagerIntegrate your tag management with your flipbooks
Ignition one
Integrate your flipbooks with your Ignition one account
SleeknoteCombine Sleeknote with iPaper
General Features
Enrichment editorAdd images, video and product links to your flipbooks to make them interactive
Table of contentsQuickly navigate the content of an flipbook via Table of Contents
Mini embedsAnimated teasers for your flipbooks to embed on your website
Share optimizationControl how sharing on social media looks through Open Graph settings
Inherited settingsSave time by applying general settings at account level
Regional settingsChange language settings, currency formats and time zone to match your region
Custom scriptingInsert your own custom JavaScripts in the flipbook. Enabled upon request
LogoAdd your company logo in the flipbook navigation bar
Favicon The favicon ensures your flipbooks are easily found among many open browser tabs
Color scheme
Set a color scheme to match your brand identity
Background styling
Create a cool ambience with a background image behind the flipbook
Custom Preloader Present your brand or product while your flipbook is loading
Limit Flipbook AccessLimit access to your flipbooks with a password
2FAEnable two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security
Forced 2FAForce two-factor authentication for all users
Legal and Billing
SLA availableiPaper's Service Level Agreement applies (ipaper.io/service-level-agreement)
Custom invoicingSetup your invoicing to match your organization, e.g. split invoicing between countries and setup custom invoicing periods
Custom terms of purchaseHandling of custom terms of purchase for enterprises with specific purchasing terms
GDPR compliance
iPaper is fully GDPR compliant and do what we can to ensure that our customers remain GDPR compliant while using iPaper (ipaper.io/gdpr)
Cookie banner
Add a cookie banner to your flipbooks and control the settings in compliance with your own cookie policy

As your success grows you can easily add to your existing license

  Commerce Light Commerce Plus Enterprise+
Extra Monthly iPaper Sessions
€90 /mo €90 /mo €90 /mo
€195 /mo €195 /mo €195 /mo
€735 /mo €735 /mo €735 /mo
€3.350 /mo €3.350 /mo €3.350 /mo
Extra Flipbooks
€135 /mo €135 /mo €135 /mo
€670 /mo €670 /mo €670 /mo
Extra Branded Domains (HTTPS)
Extra branded domain HTTPS If you have several companies / brands / products under the same account
€25 /mo €25 /mo €25 /mo
Extra Enrichment Automation Setups
Extra Enrichment AutomationIf you have several data sources or functionailities you want to automate
  €200 /mo €200 /mo