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Digital catalog results from 5 real-world companies

Is it worth the effort to create an interactive, shoppable digital catalog? Here you'll see how digital catalogs can lead to millions of sessions, increased conversion rates, massive cost-savings and actually closing sales.

Results of digital catalogs

Most shoppers have either browsed a digital catalog or heard about the format.

If you're trying to figure out whether investing man-power in creating an interactive and shoppable digital catalog is worth the effort for your company, then just seeing examples of great digital catalog may not help you much.

Instead, you'll need to know the kind of results your company can get using digital catalogs.

And that's what you'll get here.

Increasing engagement time and conversion rate

Rossmann is one of the largest drug store chains in Europe with over 4,000 stores across the continent. It offers a wide range of products from healthcare to skincare and beauty.

Previously, the Rossmann team simply uploaded a PDF of its monthly print catalog online.

But with iPaper digital catalogs, Rossmann creates a shoppable catalog that's designed to turn readers into customers.

We're incredibly impressed by the results."

Didem Kalkan, Ecommerce Operations Manager, Rossmann

Read the full case here.

Millions of sessions and double-digit percentage sales

With a yearly net sale of 1 billion euros, Oriflame is one of the biggest health & beauty direct selling companies in the world.

Oriflame’s digital catalog directly accessible on their website and mobile app, with the catalog basket integrated with the Oriflame ecommerce setup.

And the benefit of a smooth digital catalog shopping experience shows in their results!

It was not a difficult decision to choose iPaper.”

Marcus Fogel, Senior Director Global Digital Services, Oriflame

Read the full case here.

Saving 48 hours per month – without compromising quality

Rimi Baltic operates 291 stores and has more than 11.000 employees in the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).

Each country publishes a new digital leaflet every single week.

Now, Rimi Baltic has reduced manual work by using iPaper’s Enrichment Automation to create the enrichments in the digital catalog automatically – thereby saving a great amount of time.

Time is very, very precious. With every hour saved, it can be used for something else.”

Anda Latsa, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Read the full here.

Making the digital catalog better than the website

Koçtaş is the number one home improvement retailer in Turkey. Partly owned by the Kingfisher group and Koç Holding.

Koçtaş marketing strategy focuses on providing inspirational content and having the right products to guide shoppers through the challenges of maintaining their homes.

Catalogs are one of the main platforms for them to showcase all the products from their campaigns, and it shows in their results.

Koçtaş is a big brand in Turkey and our aim is always to give customers the best possible shopping experience.”

Mert Küçükay, Content Marketing Specialist at Koçtaş.

Read the full case here.

Double-digit conversion rate and massive cost reductions

Cristian Lay are a global direct selling company, operating across three continents and they offer a range of products from jewellery to cosmetics and fashion.

Since implementing iPaper, Cristian Lay has transformed the customer experience and reduced costs.

iPaper is the best thing we've implemented this year.”

José Antonio Del Pino, Senior Marketing Project Leader at Cristian Lay


Digital catalogs can have different purposes for different businesses and industries, but common to all is that if you invest in creating an interactive shoppable digital catalog, you can improve the metrics that matter to you, your team and your business.

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