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How La Casa Moderna increased traffic with iPaper

La Casa Moderna is an Italian home design and interiors brand. It offers customers a stylish and contemporary home design experience throughout Italy.

To showcase its designs and interior expertise, La Casa Moderna relies on a well-designed and executed marketing and website experience. To cement itself as an industry leader the team works hard to show their value and designs throughout Italy. 

Like many brands, La Casa Moderna regularly produces a print catalog to get their message out there. They have always been a successful format when it comes to customer engagement, but for its online following, simply publishing their catalog as a PDF online wasn’t cutting it.

They wanted to offer a more interactive experience that could improve the integration between print and online and increase the visibility of their products.

La Casa Moderna 1

In January 2019 La Casa Moderna started working with iPaper and has transformed its static PDF catalog into an interactive browsing experience, the results of which have exceeded all expectations.

Click here to see La Casa Moderna's latest catalog

Thanks to 360° photos and videos, the online catalogs now offer an inspirational browsing experience. By visually improving its catalogs, La Casa Moderna helps its readers visualize exactly what their homes could look like. The interactive photos and videos engage the reader, encouraging them to spend more time reading the catalog and connecting with the brand.

La Casa Moderna 360 gif

Once hooked by the visuals, readers are seamlessly pushed through the customer journey with the help of popups. Product web page popups and information on how to book a meeting with an interior designer encourage readers to take the next step.

The catalogs are now interactive and offer more than just a catalog reading experience. Readers are left wanting to find out more and get in touch thanks to a memorable reading experience that completely differs from a simple PDF.

“In the first three months with iPaper our catalogs had a 50% increase in sessions. We’ve now reached over 1 million page views and in May we saw a record high of over 400,000 monthly views. Our average website traffic has also increased to 3 times more than before we used iPaper.” said Loris Astesano, Social Media & Digital Strategist at La Casa Moderna. 

Thanks to the success of its iPaper catalogs La Casa Moderna understands exactly what its ideal customers want to see and how they want to interact. They have increased interest in the catalogs and their website and now showcase their business value in a more interactive and innovative style.

“iPaper is so simple to use, incredibly intuitive and versatile. We really enjoy working with the platform and we have been surprised by the impact iPaper has had on our business. We’ve never seen anything like iPaper before, but it’s been fantastic in helping us integrate our offline and online channels.” said Stefano Borasi, CEO at La Casa Moderna.

If you want to see how iPaper could help you increase traffic and improve your catalog experience, get in touch today!

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