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How KJV made their product catalog easy to navigate for online readers

As one of the leading Danish distributors of tools, transmissions and products for industrial automation, KJV knows all too well the challenges faced by companies with a technical inventory.

It's an established industry. One where products are found by flipping through thick printed catalogs and orders placed through specific salespeople or occasionally through a web portal.

A very time-consuming process, as you can imagine. 

So you might be wondering, how do you change this process and make it easier for both customers and retailers alike? 

ACCELERATING sales with the Digital Binder Organizer

One of the most important aspects of the KJV business model is being able to offer professional advice whenever the customer requires it. Whether it's:

  • Suggesting the correct solutions for a particular assignment
  • The best price for the solution
  • Giving valuable information regarding delivery times

But having a huge printed catalog doesn't really facilitate quick answers for salespeople in the field and it definitely doesn't help customers trying to quickly work prices or solutions on their own. Which is where KJV's move to digital binders began.  

The crucial aspect of providing value to a potential customer is, that the consultant is capable of answering questions - even complicated questions - right here and right now. iPaper makes this possible for us.”  - Judith Vestmark Hansen, Marketing Coordinator at KJV.


Online Catalogs with Digital Binder Organizer from iPaper

Judith Vestmark Hansen, Marketing Coordinator at KJV

KJV aren't purely analog, their catalogs are available on their webshop. But every day, 30 sales consultants travel the country to meet with clients in person and printed catalogs just weren't fast or user friendly enough.



To solve this issue KJV adopted iPaper's digital binders. A way to organize several catalogs, data sheets and certificates all in one place.

Then they handed the sales consultants iPads and just like that, they could use the search field to easily track down the right products.

Suddenly, sales consultants had access to up-to-date pricing. They could spend more time focusing on the client's needs in the moment than trying to track down the right catalog, find the right page and double checking whether the prices in print have changed. 


KJV binder.png


The Digital Binder Organizer is an excellent tool for a magnificent product encyclopedia. The iPaper Binder ensures that our consultant always has the correct and updated information available via the online catalogs and brochures inside the binder. This also saves us money and is more environmentally sustainable as we do not need to deliver huge printed catalogs to our contacts. The customers and leads can find the required information when they need it,"  said Hansen.

With the Digital Binder Organizer, it's also possible to structure product information from several suppliers in one place where every single vendor has their separate “shelf” space.

Customer Offers via Online Campaign Brochures 

KJV has yearly a number of printed and distributed leaflets and campaign brochures to target their customer base.

All this customer-directed material is of course also presented as online catalogs on their website in the digital binder. Here's an example of one of the pages in the binder: 

KJV binder catalogs.png


To help drive more sales, KJV have made it possible for customers to order directly through their catalogs, using iPaper's shopping basket module. They're also building on this by by adding associated products to the buying process to inspire cross sales.

With the new design of the Binder we have a great user-friendly product design. We have an excellent structure for all the online product catalogs in the binder. However, the real value is in the continuously updated information inside the iPaper binder, which we update several times a week,"  Hansen concluded. 

You are also welcome to test, how digital flipbooks can help your business: 

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Lars Ørhøj

Lars Ørhøj

Lars was iPaper's Chief Marketing Officer until September 2016 and is now teaching others about the benefits of Inbound marketing at an agency. He worked with B2B marketing in the publishing world for many years besides being an avid a cappella singer in the world acclaimed choir Vocal Line.

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