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SPAR Switzerland breaks download records with improved online catalogs

SPAR is one of the world’s leading supermarket chains and it’s Swiss branch, SPAR Switzerland, has a multi-brand retail strategy in German-speaking Switzerland. It serves 40 corporate and 126 independent retailer stores under the SPAR banner.

For almost 7 years SPAR Switzerland has produced weekly online PDFs to promote special product discounts and offers. The PDF flyers aimed to draw customers into stores thanks to their irresistible deals. 

But SPAR Switzerland wasn’t seeing the value from its efforts.

They wanted to create a more interactive catalog experience that could be easily measured and easily managed.

“We wanted to find a platform that would enable us to offer something more than just a PDF. We wanted to showcase more of what we offer. We’re not just a place to buy food, we want to inspire your everyday meal ideas. We heard about iPaper from our colleagues in Denmark and we were immediately intrigued.” said Jürgen Egger, Marketer at SPAR Switzerland.

So, on the recommendation of SPAR Denmark, they turned to iPaper.

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Since using iPaper, SPAR Switzerland has completely transformed its weekly discount flyers from a static PDF into an interactive digital catalog.

Click here to see SPAR Switzerland's latest catalog

The catalogs now include links to articles and recipes to help inspire and improve the overall shopping experience. This not only adds an interactive element to the catalogs but improves on their inspirational shopping journey as catalog readers can get inspired as they scroll.

Pop ups have been enabled so readers can enter their postcode and see exactly where their nearest store is. With these pop ups, readers can easily act on their inspiration. They seamlessly encourage shoppers to move further along the customer journey and build a relationship between the customer and brand.

Finally, the SPAR logo displayed at the top now acts as a direct link to the website so customers always have the option to discover more products, get inspired by more recipes or get in contact.

The catalogs themselves are also visually captivating. With a colorful and inviting background image that draws you in, they are well-designed and interesting to scroll through. Customers no longer just scroll through to get to the end. The change of colors and appealing design catches your eye and keeps them engaged.

The new catalogs represent the brand, the message and the customers. SPAR Switzerland has understood what its target audience wants and likes so they’ve created a winning catalog format with their customers in mind.


Since going live with iPaper in April 2019, SPAR Switzerland has seen a huge increase in the value of its catalogs.

“In our first six months with iPaper we have increased our catalog sessions by 40% per week. This is incredible for us and shows just how important our catalogs are to our customers. Our catalogs are also downloaded around 30 times more than ever before. They have become an integral part of our marketing activity.” said Jürgen.

As an indication of interest and intent to visit a store, catalog downloads is an important statistic to measure for SPAR Switzerland. Online shoppers download the catalog onto their phone and use it in the store to find those exact products and deals.

In week 30 they achieved a record high number of catalog downloads at 497 that week alone. Before switching to iPaper, the catalog downloads were as low as 15 per week.

Online customers are now more engaged and active than before thanks to a more intuitive catalog experience and impressive distribution plan.

The catalogs are now easily accessible across SPAR Switzerland’s online channels. Customers get a direct link to the latest catalog straight into their inbox every week and they’re easily found across their website and social media.

But, working with iPaper has not only improved the customer experience. It’s made creating the catalogs a seamless task for SPAR Switzerland’s digital media agency, Inscript.

“iPaper is incredibly easy to use. We can easily add links, videos, custom images and other media to the catalogs. We really enjoy working with the platform and, because of its usability, it has helped ease our everyday workload.” said Mika Halbeisen, CEO of Inscript.

With iPaper’s statistics module, SPAR Switzerland can now also get a lot more insights into their catalog performance and customer behavior.

“Because of iPaper’s statistics integration with Google Analytics we’re able to measure the performance of our catalogs on a deeper level. We can get more insights than ever before, and we can really see what our customers want.” commented Jürgen.

With iPaper, SPAR Switzerland has improved its catalog performance, engagement and understanding.

They are a perfect example of how you can transform your static PDFs into interactive digital catalogs that offer a whole new shopping experience.

“We’ve been so impressed with our success so far with iPaper. In such a short space of time we’ve really improved our catalogs and look forward to exploring iPaper’s abilities even more in the future.” said Jürgen.

If you'd like to see how iPaper can help you improve your online catalogs, get in touch today!

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