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Valuable reader statistics From the Digital annual report

As a natural element of being a modern school of communication, it is evident that DMJX aspires to combine and work with many different styles of communication and media platforms.

Many of our courses are in subjects like interactivity, video, and all the digital elements that demand a diverse publication platform. Here iPaper is our opportunity to combine the written word, images, video and many different approaches to the content



says Martin R. Pedersen.






About DMJX

The Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX) offers a broad range of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, diplomas, courses and education programs within the fields of journalism, media and design. It is one of the higher educational institutions with the highest focus on communication. This iPaper case story takes a look at how DMJX transformed the printed version of their annual report into a digital one.


Many companies have increased their focus on investor relations and use a digital publishing software to help them make interactive annual reports. Often annual reports are distributed both in print and online as a PDF. However, by converting your PDF to HTML, you are able to get insights into your investors' behaviour and use your digital annual reports to prompt your audience for interaction and engagement.

As a public educational institution within the field of journalism and media, excellent communication solutions are a primary focus area. The head of communication at DMJX, Martin R. Pedersen, is the person behind converting the school’s strategic goals into efficient communication solutions.

iPaper has given us the possibility to present our content in a new way when compared to the traditionally printed annual report or via a “flat” PDF you just simply make ready for download on your homepage



states Martin R. Pedersen.

DMJX designed their 2014 digital annual report to have two very different reader journeys:

  1. You can read quickly through the publication from spread to spread getting a quick overview of last year's activities.
  2. You can dwell and go into detail all the subjects of the document via links, videos, and picture galleries and in this way have a genuine long read experience.

For DMJX it is important that they can bring the publications on the road for meetings and show it on an iPad.



Knowledge of and teaching of journalism, communication, management, design, video, radio, TV, the web, photo and social media is the backbone of the school. As a natural element of being a modern school of communication, it is evident that DMJX aspires to combine and work with many different styles of communication and media platforms. 

That's why they have choosen to work with a digital publishing software provider as well. 

To DMJX it was crucial to understand their readers' behavior.

iPaper includes a useful statistics module connected to each single publication. We use it to evaluate how much the users are engaging with our digital annual report and how the patterns of reading progress is evolving



says Martin R. Pedersen



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DMJX also use the statistics in connection with their extensive online course catalog. Besides being printed the catalog is also published as an interactive online course catalog. The online version gives DMJX an understanding of what pages – and thereby specific course offerings – people investigate and what links they click. This gives DMJX real knowledge of what education interests their target audience.

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By connecting this information with the course sign-up journeys and the course descriptions on the website, DMJX can decipher the relationship between the number of sign-ups and what content people find interesting.

We get a sound understanding of what is making people go through the total customer journey and what is necessary to make them sign up in the end. The numbers have – together with other statistical sources – helped to confirm what was earlier only a gut feeling



states Martin R. Pedersen.

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