Eksportfokus Increases the number of online readers by 50%

Four times a year "Eksportrådet" combines a newsletter and an iPaper online magazine into an efficient digital publication solution to target as many export-oriented Danish companies as possible. The interactive online magazine meets the readers on the digital platforms in a way they favor.

Increase in readers

About Eksportfokus

The Danish magazine "Eksportfokus" ("Focus On Export") is a publication produced by ”Eksportrådet” (The Trade Council), which is a section of the Danish Foreign Ministry. The “Eksportfokus” magazine consists of reportages, knowledge and analyzes from around the world's growth markets, with the purpose to inspire Danish companies. The magazine is published four times each year.



We live in a world of publishing and communication, where you as an editor continually must make difficult choices; not only regarding the content you wish to deliver to your readers but also in regards to how you want to bring and promote the content to the readers. Should you focus on printed magazines, well-designed tablet publications, website publishing, digital replica editions or what is the best mix for your specific reader group?

These questions are also significant within communication departments at public authorities like the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. The Danish magazine "Eksportfokus", produced by ”Eksportrådet”, has a unique challenge as their primary goal isn't to drive sales, but to engage the people and businesses who export their goods. Their magazine consists of reportages, knowledge and analyzes from around the world's growth markets, with the purpose to inspire Danish companies and is published four times each year.

To the editor of "Eksportfokus", Charlotte Dahlsgaard Steensbeck, it is crucial, that as many relevant readers as possible have access to the content, and for this reason they have chosen to both print the magazine but also to partner up with iPaper as their online magazine creator. Let's have a look at what they did to publish their magazine online.

In combination with our newsletter the digital version of the magazine makes good sense. If we just linked the newsletter to a PDF version of the magazine it would be a boring experience for the users



Charlotte Dahlsgaard Steensbeck states.

The connection between the e-mail newsletter and the digital magazine is done by deep linking directly to the selected stories as presented in the digital version. In this way, 5-6 magazine stories are promoted via the news bulletins, which help promote the stories that the editor especially wants to focus on.

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We have the all-important extras as the interactivity, the clickability and the many visual options in the iPaper



says Charlotte Dahlsgaard Steensbeck.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark has used iPaper as their online magazine creator for several years, but is is only in the last couple of years, that Eksportfokus increased their digital magazine publishing efforts and developed a genuine internet-optimized digital magazine that is suited for website presentation as well as on tablets and mobile.

The real value of using iPaper is for us that we now can guide our readers to individually selected articles. We can then share the articles via social media. And we can do this with confidence as we are directing the readers to a product that has extra "exquisiteness." And thus we use the digital platform even better than we did before







                                                                                                        Charlotte Dahlsgaard Steensbeck, Editor

The editorial department often has discussions with the graphical designers on the subject of bringing more or less interactivity to the digital version of the magazine, and they see this as a healthy and active process. Charlotte Dahlsgaard Steensbeck believes that as a group they have found a level of interactivity that is neither too much nor too little. But also, that it can and must still evolve over time. 

We wanted a model of "discreet" interactivity to enhance the reading experience. We are in no way in the business of e.g. selling consumer goods, but even so there should still be some action for the readers. And I think that we have hit that level well



states Charlotte Dahlsgaard Steensbeck. 



50% MORE READ the online Magazine

At "Eksportfokus" it is not only the visual impact that is important but of course also that the content of their online magazine is relevant to the readers. And they can see that they have many more digital readers now than in the past.

The latest figures show that after we started with the combination between the newsletter and the interactive digital magazine we now have many more digital readers than previously. We have more than 2.000 visitors per month which is about twice as many as before we made this change



states Charlotte Dahlsgaard Steensbeck. 


The whole point of producing the magazine is to get as many of Danish export companies as possible interested in the services the trade council offers. This type of lead generation is both for the professional advisers in the Ministry as well as all the Danish representations around the world, where The Trade Council has out stationed people. And our digital magazine publishing efforts play a meaningful role in this work as well.

For us, the intention is to communicate that we are here to help the companies. An extra advantage of the online magazines is that we can make all our contact information active. The activated contacts mean an interested Danish company is only one click away from establishing a contact with The Trade Council



says Charlotte Dahlsgaard Steensbeck.

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In today's world of digital publishing solutions, there are many ways to do it and at least as many opinions on what the right answer is. “Eksportfokus” is today published on three platforms:

  • The printed magazine
  • As responsive HTML version for website and mobile
  • Through iPaper as an online magazine

An app for iPad with the same magazine content is not part of the solution for “Eksportfokus”.  Or more correctly: it is no longer a part of the solution.

We have previously had a magazine app for the Apple iPad with the full content of "Eksportfokus." This iOS app was part of our digital publishing for over a year. We wanted to be part of the publishing trend where many publishers designed the magazine in a more tabloid-like format that fits the tablet well. But, in the end it just turned out that there was not the needed reader interest in a product like that



states Charlotte Dahlsgaard Steensbeck.

As the app drew much fewer readers than the iPaper-version, it was decided to close down the tablet app. If readers were not on the platform, the solution was essentially indifferent to the editorial team.

We hoped that an app with a fresh dedicated tablet design could provide us with new readers. It was a nice publishing product, but it was also too complicated to use for our readers. At the same time, it is significantly cheaper to make an iPaper release compared to an app version, which requires versioning of the content. The app was therefore eventually taken down. iPaper is still an important component of our communication platform, and as iPapers also can be read on tablets and smartphones, we also still support our readers on the mobile platforms



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