Get tips and buy - all in one flipbook

4Sound, Denmark's leading music chain, knows it can be difficult to buy your first music instrument. Therefore they have created a "Beginner's guide for good gear", where they make use of all the advantages of digital publications with iPaper. 

We have used a lot of video in the guide - video that shows our readers how they can tune a guitar or set up their drums. At the same time, we have used sound to help readers learn the difference between different types of instruments. We wouldn't have all these options with a printed guide.





Barbara Haugsted, graphic designer at 4Sound.



About 4Sound

4Sound is Denmark's largest music chain with stores in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, Esjberg, Aalborg and a webshop. 4Sound sells almost all music instruments spanning from flutes to recording studios, drums and alot of guitars and keyboards.


analysing reader behavior

Besides all the video guides, audio and bonus info in small pop-ups, readers can also buy these instruments with a single click in the iPaper.The music chain keeps an eye on the behavior of their readers by using our statistics and heatmap, which shows exactly where they click. 


It gives us an insight into how we should adjust, and is very useful for us,"



says Barbara Haugsted.