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One of the most important aspects of the KJV business model is to be able to answer or investigate all questions from the customer immediately. This is in areas like:

  • Suggesting the correct solutions for a particular assignment
  • The best price for the solution
  • Giving valuable information regarding delivery times

The crucial aspect of providing value to a potential customer is, that the consultant is capable of answering questions - even complicated questions - right here and right now. iPaper makes this possible for us.”


- Judith Vestmark Hansen, Marketing Coordinator at KJV.

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Full access to updated product information everywhere

With 30 consultants on the road to cover all of Denmark – all equipped with an Apple iPad with online access – KJV has a very professional approach to the market. The important thing here is, that KJV’s focus is not on a quick sale or a new contract from the start, but instead reveals to the potential customer, that KJV is capable of offering professional advice and suggesting possible improvements inside their own production environment. 

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On the KJV webshop, there is an online catalog with extensive information about all their products. However, the Binder module in iPaper extends this even further, as you on the road can have full access to the needed product information when in direct dialogue with a customer.

"The Digital Binder Organizer is an excellent tool for a magnificent product encyclopedia. The iPaper Binder ensures that our consultant always has the correct and updated information available via the online catalogs and brochures inside the binder. This also saves us money and is more environmentally friendly as we do not need to deliver huge printed catalogs to our contacts. The customers and leads can find the required information when they need it“ ,


states Judith Vestmark Hansen.


With the Digital Binder Organizer possible to structure product information from many suppliers in one place where every single vendor has their separate “shelf” space.


KJV has yearly a number of printed and distributed leaflets and campaign brochures to target their customer base.

Free Digital Flipbook & Lead Generation Tool With iPaper's Free Account >>

All this customer-directed material is of course also presented as online catalogs on their website. KJV has used the shopping basket module for a long time to support the buying process via the online catalogs and is now improving this by adding inspiration via associated products and removing the need to work with complicated product numbers during the shopping process.

"With the new design of the Binder we have a great user-friendly product design. We have an excellent structure for all the online product catalogs in the binder. However, the real value is in the continuously updated information inside the iPaper binder, which we update several times a week.”


- Judith Vestmark Hansen, Marketing Coordinator

KJV also uses iPaper to custom built landing pages for the website:

"We utilize iPaper to create landing pages on our website to make beautiful pages for things like event invitations. Especially because they in the iPaper format are easier to read and can have a very exclusive look and feel. We use it for instance for our open house arrangements", says Judith Vestmark Hansen.




KJV will in the future utilize iPaper in even more digital publications and online catalogs. They now concentrate on improving the digital versions of their own material; not only the online catalogs from the suppliers. This is digital content like event invitations, flyers, and campaign brochures that will be enhanced and visually improved with features like zoom effects and animations.

We have for a long time used the video options in iPaper for e.g. machine demonstrations as this type of integration between the traditional catalog and multimedia is a very efficient communication method.” s

tates Judith Vestmark Hansen.

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