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iPaper became the best performing
brand communication tool in a few weeks

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Yves Rocher Italia is a subsidiary of Rocher Group. Founded in 1959, Rocher represented in 90 countries, across 5 continents.

Each year, 300 million products are distributed from more than 4.000 stores, mail order and online sale from websites.

Within weeks of signing on with iPaper in September 2016, Yves Rocher Italia saw their online catalogs turn into their best performing brand communication tool. 

The numbers speak for themselves. The first catalog in iPaper got just below 250.000 visits in just 3 weeks. A year on visits have skyrocketed to over a million per catalog, and are still rising.  

The results of our online flipbooks are beyond expectations. It's easy to share with our sales community and consumers. Really, our online flipbooks became the best performing brand communication tool in a few weeks. With nearly 4 minutes spend per visits, it means the format and content are appealing for consumers."



Check out their latest online flipbook

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4 min. 
Avr. spend per visit 


Facebook shares for one catalog



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Creating an enriched consumer experience

As more and more sale and research is done online, Yves Rocher Italia needed a solution to digitalize their printed catalogs. They launch a new one every 3 weeks (17 per year), which is distributed to their salesforce of 70.000 people. 

By converting their static PDF catalogs to interactive online catalogs with iPaper, Yves Rocher Italia are not only enriching their customers' user experience but also guaranteeing a mobile friendly interface. The online catalogs are also easy to promote on various platforms (websites, social media) and easy to distribute to their salesforce. 

The last results of our digital brochure are beyond expectations! We are so happy of this success and I hope we will continue growing and exploring new functionalities. It's easy to share with our sales community and consumers. It became the best performing brand communication tool of the company in a few weeks. With nearly 4 minutes on the digital brochure per visit; it means format and content are appealing for consumers.


The benefits of using the digital iPapers are clear. Viewers spend about 4 minutes in each catalog and they like it so much, that they gladly share the content. Four minutes is a long time online. Especially when studies show that our attention span is down to 8 seconds.  


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The success is also measurable on social media. Their promotion of the catalogs have been especially successful on Facebook. Their post on June 5th 2017 received 7400+ likes within two weeks and no less than 5.765 shares. The post 3 weeks earlier, also about a brochure, got 6.700 likes and a remarkable 7.329 shares. 

The product has helped us with virality through social media. Mainly through Facebook, where the brochure is the most clicked post.   


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We asked Yves Rocher Italia: "How has iPaper made a difference for your business?"  

iPaper is easy to use. There's no need to dedicate an internal team for a huge workload. It makes a difference with the possibility to enrich a printed material by dynamic features (videos and brand content, landing pages, added descriptions to products, more info about the brand linked to a product launch or a product range.) This is enriching the consumer experience and teases the commercial campaign. 

Yvers Rocher Italia is using engaging element to inspire their readers. Here they use a plus icon for more info on how to apply the makeup. When clicking, a landing page comes up with an eyeshadow tutorial.


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The brand also includes video engagement  as part of their content marketing strategy. The videos are embedded into the online catalogs to educate viewers on how to use products. Given that millennials are 4 times more likely to interact with video than text, this is a game changer for the business and keeps visitors engaged for longer, cementing the brands position as a market leader in their field, and helping the consumers in their purchase decisions. 


video yves.png


The heatmap statistics behind the scenes show that readers are actively clicking on both video icon and products. Yves Rocher Italia uses that knowledge to optimize their future brochures. 

 Next step: conducting some tests with new functionalities to offer a better experience for all our visitors: salesforce and consumers


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Yves Rocher Italia is a perfect example of a brand - not least a market leader - that hasn’t limited itself to static sales and marketing catalogs to get their message and brand across. 

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